GmbH Mittelweg

a manuscript on your table may tredition Verlag – in just a few steps to your book but you can find a Publisher? It was to become a writer has never been easier. Mark Angelo has firm opinions on the matter. The Publisher tredition from Hamburg is a member of the Exchange Club of the […]

Michaela Riedl

This is the clarity of a certain freedom with which she lower can feel their sexual needs. This is very important for women to come in contact with the own femininity. A woman who has discovered the power of their sexuality and draws from this, is radiant, creative and contagious alive. You embodies the beauty […]

Short Presentation

Rabea Becker, Philipp Blomeke, poete Maudit Gerry X & Cathedral Hall in the Sistine Chapel Leipzig – poetry a thorn in the side of the multi media culture of the focusing screen? Deep literature, guitar sounds getting goose bumps as well as a short lecture about the importance of poetry is the Viewer on the […]

High Voltage

feat. Stephan Peters & Heidi ad Hoc on the 12 in Dusseldorf of the cultural district Dusseldorf GGH e.V. Red Solo Cups helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. & Culex events present texts out of the air-conditioned nightmare of Dylan Thomas, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs and others poete Maudit Gerry X interprets the highly […]