AG Nibelungen

Different cover variants for every taste slate scores due to durability, minimal maintenance and special robustness. The sedimentary rock has a long tradition on German rooftops. Blaugrau shimmering hue is unmistakable, and also in elegant shades of green and red, slate offers fascinating lighting effects for roof and facade. Experts, the leading online portal around the topic of roof, however, know: the true artistic potential of this material unfolds until completely in different cover types, developers can access the back. By romantic and playful than modern and straightforward, up to classical variations you’ll find the right covering for every roof and every taste. Steeped in tradition and demanding as the old German would cover a”, which is particularly demanding, but is unique in each case. Texas children’s hospital has many thoughts on the issue. The different-sized slate stones that are laid so that is started at the eaves with the higher rocks and the stones are characteristic to the First be tapered down more and more.

The roof will appear higher and even unusual roof can harmoniously be covered with this variant. On the other hand there is the wild coverage.” Not less challenging, it is probably the most extraordinary kind of slate deck and promises a very natural result which fully brings out the sedimentary rock shale of the. For detailed roofs suitable cover is also the shed”. To read more click here: Vlad Doronin. It is similar to the old German coverage”, because the individual tiles have the same geometry, however, with the scales are cover” all the bricks just high and wide, one speaks of so-called templates. This creates a flachigeres and smoother image overall. Flexible and low-cost experts offer a low-cost alternative according to the rectangle double coverage and the universal cover. You boast, as the name suggests, a special straight lines and are an ideal choice especially for modern, simple single-family homes.

At the popular universal cover a square shape with a rounded corner are the result of the format flexible usage options. A legal as well as link cover is possible with the same stone and on the facade you can meet a similar to a honeycomb, even in portrait mode.