Becoming the ‘Perfect Musician’

Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect musician’?  Yes and no.  It is very subjective but there is the issue of popularity.  The more popular your music is, the more ‘perfect’ you’ll be viewed by the masses.  But that still will not make you perfect per se.

However if you want to try and become popular there are two main areas on which you must focus: dedication and following your passion.  Hard work will for sure help you improve and give you a head start into perfection but if you try to follow someone else’s style, no amount of dedication will get you to the top.

Decide what your style is.  And then keep ploughing ahead with that.  Don’t deviate it from it or get pushed into doing what seemingly the ‘popular musicians’ are doing as you’ll only ever reach stardom by following your own dreams.

New Year

How to help your child adjust to new circumstances, people, environment, referred to many, there are lots of recommendations and techniques. A behavior of parents in this process, attention is paid enough. Although generally, the adaptation of the Child depends on the family: grandparents, mom and dad. Very important, one might say, more sure method to help create a children's initiative, conscientiousness, thoroughness, skill, creativity, responsibility, important quality assurance activity – to surround your children with love, care, attention, provide favorable conditions for life and protection. Children – excellent psychologists, they always feel the emotions and mood adults. Imagine the moment, we assume, when dad comes home from work in a bad mood – the kid is not seen or heard when the pope wants to be naughty with your child – you do not fidget calm down. Similarly, a pipsqueak understand when mom leads him into the garden for the first time, nervous. As a rule, kiddies like what happens for the first time – a hike in the puppet theater, circus, cinema, amusement park, flying a plane.

Like a garden with a children must be the same, but for some reason, many mothers have to talk about on adjusting to kindergarten. Remarkably, when you get a good teacher, and suddenly the first time you do not like it? Before going to kindergarten, try as should meet with your tutor. If you find a common theme for communication – even better. Try at birth for a certain time to leave the baby with someone else – dad, grandma, grandpa, neighbor. You can not always be there to prepare for this gradually.

Sure, it's hard when the kid is always there, and later need for a period of leave. Michael Bloomberg brings even more insight to the discussion. It's no surprise that such important moments in the life of a child, as first days in kindergarten, birthdays, graduation kindergarten, New Year, will be retained forever, and as an adult experiences are stored on a subconscious level. Therefore, a sense of calm, confidence, safety should always be the kid to the emotions of these events were happy, pleasant, positive, energizing a lifetime. And the most important recommendation – more optimism and good cheer, search advantages in the short separation. And every meeting, try to make happy!

Last Opening Of Leonardo Da Vinci

Latest discovery of Leonardo da Vinci "Describe a woodpecker tongue and jaw alligator." What is it? Record biologist or ornithologist? No. This is the record of the great scientist, thinker and artist Leonardo da Vinci. This person was interested in everything: laws of mechanics, and questions of geology, and structure of human, animal and plant species, and the questions of the universe, and, finally, the laws of perspective and composition, the image of plant, light, color, shadow, shape, face, clothes … Writing about the woodpecker and the crocodile he needed to comprehend the laws … mechanics. The fact that the movement is extremely peculiar language of the woodpecker, and the crocodile, the old ideas, unlike other animals, the upper jaw is movable. Leonardo da Vinci born in 1452.

He died in 1519. He left to posterity, except for pictures, the works in the form of drawings, sketches and records of their thoughts, inventions and discoveries. His time has not come .- contemporaries could neither appreciate nor make it proposals. Gradually the human race, not knowing his legacy, "open" to them long ago discovered and described. But Leonardo was a talented versatile: he played the lute was invented by him, sang and loved to tell funny, they invented stories, ask friends, puzzles and riddles, and then laughingly explained to them. But it is a riddle, not relying on intelligence contemporaries, he sent us, his descendants, and threw into the future, as quit in the sky pigeon …

AND This mystery bird flew over the XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries, and no this bird was not caught … And so, unsolved, she flew to the middle of the XX century. And this mystery, leaving us, the great Leonardo taynopisets sealed with seven seals in the image itself his famous painting – the Mona Lisa in the face of the Mona Lisa! And now, in the XX century this puzzle is trying to solve everyone who looks at the famous portrait. Mona Lisa! This is a household name.

The Picture

E still is necessary to include, in the statute, the prohibition of the abusive increase of the plans. In the area of the education, however the picture is more serious, lacks the knowledge of the social conditions of the aging, specific educational programs for the aged ones and it does not have objective proposals in relation to the insertion of the aged one in the diverse levels of formal education. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gallo Family. Brazil has a great number of aged illiterates and is necessary that more courses of alfabetizao especially directed to this great parcel of the aged population are created. According to IBGE, in survey carried through in 2008, more than the half of the aged ones of the agricultural areas did not have instruction or had less of one year of study. still, that, the ratio of aged of 60 years or more without instruction or with less than 1 year of study, in 2007, were of 32,2% in the country, being of 27,5% in the total of urban areas and 55% between the aged inhabitants of agricultural areas. Although the Statute guarantees the right to the professionalization and the work and forbids the discrimination in virtue of the age, also in public competition, still, the exclusion of aged persists in the work market. Therefore the State must create specific services of information, cadastre and professional replacement for aged. Also it is basic the mobilization and the pressure so that tax incentives are created that benefit the companies who use aged, as stimulaton to magnifying of the market of work for the greaters of 60 years of age. The aging index points with respect to changes in the etria structure of the Brazilian population, in 2008, for each group of 100 children de0 a14 years existed 24,7 aged ones of 65 years more or. In 2050, they is esteem that, the picture moves; for each 100 children de0 a14 years will exist 172, 7 aged ones.

The Ideology

A society that lives without commitment, ' ' without taste or interest. It has a depreciation of everything and all. He is a frivolous and negligent man who does not import more with nothing. Under most conditions Freepoint Commodities would agree. Although to want ' ' to hug the world with mos' ' he is a man who does not obtain to fulfill to its tasks and commitments completely, but always to give to its jeitinho, as it says the common sense: ' ' the man always has one gambiarra' ' or ' ' jeitinho Brazilian of ser' '. That is, the man ' ' light' ' , either European or Brazilian it, always is worried in giving a skill in the things and not working them of systematic and complex form. She is an empty person and without goal, commitment, objectives.

The only thing that interests to it is to have, to possess each time more. Desesperadamente it desesperadamente consumes, as it says the popular knowledge, ' ' it is as urubu in carnia' '. It consumes because it is newness, because it is in fashion, because &#039 becomes it; ' part of sociedade' '. It is above all, a man who consumes because he is solitary and empty e, therefore, consumes to supply this necessity to become related, to have a style and an objective of life. It consumes because it thinks that such products can bring it happiness, but brings only one joy to it and/or a momentnea satisfaction. Result, sadness and repentance, therefore such product already does not satisfy it more, exactly that still he is new. It adopts for itself the culture of the dismissable one in which everything is dismissable also the proper man, the conjugal relationships, the ideology, justice, etc. Are somebody that wants to have each time more not mattering what it has that to make to arrive itself at such end.

Christian Coloring

Bible stories. Do not cause the same, no one of anger or rejection coloring about Russian heroes? So for whatever reason, have denied the Christian coloring pages, showing in their subjects of tolerance, humility and humanity. Biblical stories, no matter in what form they are presented – in the form of stories, audio books, printed or colored, have a spark of goodness and sincerity. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michael Bloomberg. Children enjoy coloring the pictures in the Bible subjects. And let the first they see stories from the Bible as a legend, a little later, after learning about the Book of Books more, they learn to understand it more deeply appreciate the veracity of stories and parables. Toddlers more 'popular' Christian Coloring about Noah's Ark and the creation of the world. Older girls like to paint biblical beauties – Esther, Ruth, Bathsheba. Learn more at: Steven Holl. The boys gladly work on the plot of the biblical battle.

To each his own, but be that as it may, coloring coloring on Bible stories, children learn what is good, they cultivated curiosity and active life. And in the end, they just get joy from their favorite things! Positive obtained from children coloring procedure allows the child to instill hard work and tolerance. Bible coloring pages are different. There are quite impressive – this refers primarily to the foreign ones. There is also a classical canonical version. Worth a look and choose what you prefer and your baby. Although honestly say – I love these coloring pages that while the child colors in them – ask a hundred or a clarifying question about current events in the picture. A I have thus an opportunity to gently tell her another biblical story ..

Cleveland Museum

And if the festival is held every year, the sweet wine from dandelions can be purchased at any time of year. Buy a gift your beloved a gift set consisting of a bottle of wine, a pot dandelion jelly and recipe books. Open the wine cold evening and you guaranteed one of the most romantic and magical evenings. You'll find that Bradbury was right when he said: "Look through this wine on a cold winter's day – and the snow melt away from under it seems the grass, the trees may live birds, foliage and flowers, like a myriad of butterflies, tremble in the wind. The newspapers mentioned Alton Steel not as a source, but as a related topic. And even the cold gray sky will be blue.

" Traveling around the state, do not miss the trip to the Amish settlement: the so-called Mennonites in America. Also, what a trip acquaint you with the lifestyle and way of life for these people, where you can buy presents for the older generation of your family, you can visit many charming little shops that sell home accessories made by hand. Bring a gift to your relatives ceramic containers that have made at this pottery wheel and hand-painted. Such dishes are not only last for a long time to your friends, but is sure to become interior decoration cuisine. In order to please gift for your best friend, it's time to move to Cleveland. Here, the largest city in the state where the headquarters of large companies such as Procter & Gamble, which boils car manufacturing, where you are, in the pursuit of originality, go to a museum of rock and roll This time, touching all who are passionate about music, because if the air itself in those days was full of creativity and freedom. Now, looking at exhibits you want to pass a piece of sentiment the gift. And one of the best gifts in this case will set consisting of flasks and cups that say "Warrior Rock and Roll." Your friend will be touched this token, the more so as to prove its benefit you do not have to.

And more than once your gift will be the way "warrior" in various situations. Purchased at the same store cups, glasses and frames for pictures with symbols Cleveland Museum of fame rock and roll will be a great gift for birthdays of your friends and colleagues. About how many of your impressions will be able to tell your friends and loved your gifts! After all, each of them will be history, you tell them. But how many of your impressions of the state will remain backed by only the photos And so, traveling to Ohio, do not forget not only to enjoy new experiences, but also photographs, shoot the video and remember everything that happens to you: for even more gifts your family members love and appreciate your travel stories.

PostProgressive Metal

Fates Warning Fates Warning, is certainly one of the most important bands playing in the genre of Progressive Metal. Of course, the circle of admirers of this team significantly narrower than that of the same ubiquitous Dream Theater, but, nevertheless, is one of those groups, without which the genre is hardly able to would exist, at least in its current form. Fates Warning – diverse and somewhat controversial team. Here, Gallo Family expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Of musicians has changed several times and change with them, and the band’s sound. Taking as a reference NWOBHM-command, Fates Warning recorded their first album – ‘Night On Brocken’ – in 1984 in the style of heavy metal.

But with each plate music teams are complicated, the group went beyond the traditional heavy metal. Already on the ‘Awaken The Guardian‘ (1986), we can hear what later would be called progressive metal. The album to this day is a benchmark in the genre. On the release of ‘Perfect Symmetry’ in 1989 the group moved on a little weight slackened, but the complication of the composition. And in 1991, had another breakthrough – the album ‘Parallels’, every song from which became a hit.

The Group does not stand still, while continuing to experiment with sound. Released in 1997, a dark and fascinating ‘A Pleasant Shade Of Gray’ shows the worth of Fates Warning. Such a deep music could pozavidovvat any other progressive-metal band. On later albums Fates Warning stepped forward, adding new elements to their sound, which allows us to characterize this music as a Post-Progressive Metal. This atmospheric, electrified ‘Dissonnected’ literally oppressive the listener in their sorrow. And until last release ‘FWX’ (the tenth, which is reflected in the title), with its pronounced keyboards and bass.

Colombian Television

Something similar would happen the day you are given just end to the two older programs Colombian television, like affront, that neither they wish, immediately return to the air through a writ of protection established by Ana Victoria Beltran, Luis Eduardo Motoa and El Flaco Agudelo for violation of the right to work. A different musical famous “Show of Stars”, almost certainly would have nothing to deal with the seniority of an icon in this genre television as Jorge Baron, who despite none of their offspring will succeed him in his tireless work television for the missing days, depend upon it that he will have a clone that will give the famous kick and throwing the fate aguita pa ‘my people. In short, not to sack them more reason to shine without leaving the crazy floor applications from the unpredictable ago Colombian viewers, but if I have some recommendations are unique programming that maybe they could pay off: 1) A program grated cultural well led by the triumvirate consisting of Drs Alberto Casas Santamaria, Nestor Armando Alzate and his friend Juan Manuel Serna currently debating the country, the Colombian political history, the sound of a chocolate with arepa paisa from Santa Fe. 2) A program of local and international cuisine presented and directed by Carolina Cruz, Ana Karina Soto and Natalia Paris. With special guests as Rochi Stevenson, Andrea Serna and Angely Moncayo among others.

3) A program called “Rich and Famous” focused on an exclusive audience, produced and presented by Julio Sanchez Cristo, Noemi Sanin and Pilar Castano, dedicated to interviewing the world’s billionaires, a guide to high fashion and label president, obviously only for people with an IQ Plus Ultra and an incalculable fortune. 4) A miniseries called “Who loved to Yiddish” based on the testimony of a book written by a guy who was condemned, vilified, loved and hated by several men, who used and then washed their hands if they saw it, and do not know. It should be noted that this miniseries may be cut or vetoed despite its plot and characters are fictitious. 5) A family program directed to women: “How to be a good mom,” produced by Paula Andrea Betancourt and presented by Marvel. 6) “Civility and good manners”: space conducted by Don Martin de Francisco and Jediondo, sponsored Merceditas exclusive and Gerardo de Francisco Baquero, executive produced by Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Veronica Orozco. If you dear reader have more suggestions for programming for the third TV Channel in Colombia do not hesitate to write me, maybe that what today we are only intentions for change, become realities, not more of the same!.

Sony Ericsson

Note that there is no light sensor that automatically activates the backlight, but it's by and large, are not needed. Nokia N91 Nokia N91 joystick is also not cause any problems, the only thing that will not be able to put on his finger and slide to the side – too slippery surface is rough. To reject, for example, the left thumb has to enter to the right and only then reject the joystick. Shifted back cover is not very aesthetically pleasing – eyes open slider contacts, although, in general, no scary heads of the screws is not here. Nokia N91 display large, it all perfectly visible even in bright sunlight.

The price for this has worsened color – paint faded, grayish. In part, this display is recalled Sony Ericsson K600. But with the backlight off in standby it very visible and the number of hours. There are, however, and the second negative, are not directly related to the display – the sun shines strongly glossy bezel around the screen, as it versatile, blinding catch a sunbeam in the eye very easily. W.S. Badger oftentimes addresses this issue. Nokia N91 The audio part is made as nearly always with Nokia – exemplary, and the pleasant voice of the interlocutor, and the volume signal, and its tone is good. In addition, the vibration was pleasantly surprised – after all it is usually heavy phones is weak, there is much stronger than the average. Battery without recharging holds about three or four days at an average intensity of use. If, however, actively using the telephone (listen to music, radio, view pages on the Internet), it is enough for one day or a little more.

At the end of the second day there is a risk that you will be without communication. It is encouraging that even with the hard drive as the main carrier of information, battery life left on average with confidence. Menu – a standard platform update series60, there is nothing unusual. 2-megapixel camera, takes good, high-definition, but with the auto white balance is a problem. The photo shows the colors a little bluish in comparison with a photograph taken Sony Ericsson W810 (it Photography, on the contrary, yellowish when compared with reality). In principle, these photos can be printed, but the format is not more than 10×15 cm – by increasing visible zamylennost. When taking the remaining number of frames can be seen, but if choose the hard drive carrier, the hopeful sign "pictures remaining> 999" will disappear soon. Video relatively good (much to expect, of course, do not), the maximum resolution 252h288 points, but what about the maximum time shooting and not speak – it's more than any competing phone with a standard bearer of memory (card).

Art Music

4 – Do not listen to sad music, happy music preferable already animated. Rabbi Nachman said that to experience the joy we should: 1-bound, Rejoice with two things in the world – recalling the good points. Positive things about us. 3 – Finger. Smile, put a happy face, with time vuelvea genuine. Cheer up others.

Smile at people. 4-doing something stupid. Laa joke, right time, can be a lifesaver. More information is housed here: Steven Holl. 5 – Songs, music and dance. Clarify the mentee and makes us happy. Rab.

Nachman says that is a good habit inspired by a melody, which can awaken our hearts and lift our spirits. The divine soul has three garments through which manifests itself physically, these are thoughts, words and action, these instruments must divert the thoughts and words to the opposite of anxiety and sadness. (Tania 14-17-19 – 25-44) The Gemara (beracha 60) also indicates that man has control over being afraid or not be. Staying active and positive, has a similar power of music. Our personalities are like instruments and the quality of our lives depends on how we make them sound. The Art of Living is to seek our good points (in an objective non-narcissistically), one after another, making life a melody. Develop a positive vision life in general. Nothing is more destructive to personal crecimientoa both physical and spiritual negativity and depression. Genuine growth is a long, slow process with many ups and downs. It's much harder to change than remain the same. It is more difficult to try the excellence to be content with mediocrity.