Becoming the ‘Perfect Musician’

Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect musician’?  Yes and no.  It is very subjective but there is the issue of popularity.  The more popular your music is, the more ‘perfect’ you’ll be viewed by the masses.  But that still will not make you perfect per se. However if you want to try and […]

As Stop Drinking Coffee

Hello everyone, stop drinking coffee is one of those goals that I impose every year and which do not comply. The problem with caffeine is that it allows you to be alert, sharpens your senses, and enables a more structured work. I have no problems of insomnia, or central nervous system, such as tremors or […]

Body Fat

United States people this fatter than ever since he began to document, more ironic is that since it became fashionable food without fat they have not stopped gaining weight. If trends don’t change the entire population will be obese by 2030. See more detailed opinions by reading what wayapay offers on the topic.. In Japan […]

Emotional Intelligence

The autonomy and personal initiative is one of the eight core competencies of UNESCO proposed to be developed by students throughout the compulsory education. The classroom work is done with this in order to give pupils the awareness and implementation of a set of values and personal attitudes, such as: a "the responsibility, a " […]

International Forum

Consulting as a scientific discipline. Zurich, April 8, 2011 the international forum of the Advisory Science (IFBW) was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in October 2010. The IFBW is a private research institution, which provides a platform for exchanging scientific researchers. Subject of IFBW is consulting as a scientific discipline. The IFBW closes the gap of […]

Mexico Final

The reforms, the tax package as well as its critics and counter-proposals, only talk about the crisis and reduce poverty (the country and the great majority), but avoid mentioning that the only way to achieve wealth and status is working well. A sad story, before addressing the issue. A crab seller's offer in two different […]

Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most common type of automatic doors. Sliding automatic doors can be found in airports, train stations, hotels, shopping centers and other locations with high attendance, where the main requirement is high throughput and ease of passage for visitors with bags, trolleys, suitcases and other luggage. In addition, sliding automatic doors can […]

Stylish Interior Design

Fusion has been firmly entrenched in our lives – nightclubs offering a party with music, restaurants are increasingly included in the menu fusion cuisine. Naturally, and interior designers could not ignore the new trend. What is fusion in the interior? In English the word means "fusion". Eclectic combination of incompatible, "the artistic mess" – this […]

Natural Yoghurt

In days of much heat, nothing better of what appreciating a delicious natural yoghurt with ice cream. Everything this to have health and well-being. It writes down this tip. Ingredientes1 milk can condensado1 clear yoghurt pot naturalsuco of 1 limo4 in neve2 spoons (soup) of sugar of confeiteiroModo of preparation In the cup of the […]