Becoming the ‘Perfect Musician’

Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect musician’?  Yes and no.  It is very subjective but there is the issue of popularity.  The more popular your music is, the more ‘perfect’ you’ll be viewed by the masses.  But that still will not make you perfect per se.

However if you want to try and become popular there are two main areas on which you must focus: dedication and following your passion.  Hard work will for sure help you improve and give you a head start into perfection but if you try to follow someone else’s style, no amount of dedication will get you to the top.

Decide what your style is.  And then keep ploughing ahead with that.  Don’t deviate it from it or get pushed into doing what seemingly the ‘popular musicians’ are doing as you’ll only ever reach stardom by following your own dreams.

Latin American Music

The sauce, rather than a genre, reflecting the joy and sensuality of Latin tastes sauce has become a popular dance in most cities in Latin America with quality composers and performers like Willie Colon, Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades and Tito Puente, Domingo Quinonez, India, Victor Manuelle, Rey Ruiz, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Marc Anthony SAMBA is one of the most renowned musical styles around the world, combining the movement of navels, and various percussion instruments songs alternate between chorus and soloist. Derived from a fertility dance of Angolan origin, performing in dance circles or double lines, as did the runaway slaves in the jungle to worship their gods. Currently, the Samba danced in pairs can often be separated for individual steps. SON The son is the father of almost all the Cuban rhythms and the origin of the sauce. . The son was born in Cuba in the eastern areas of the island, and was always revelation. Its enormous power of improvisation could lengthen or shorten a piece in the style of who played and the dancers claim musicians are most popular are: Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa, Ibrahim Ferrer, Oscar D? Leon TANGO In the early decades twentieth century, the tango music of bars and brothels forced Argentines. It is characterized by combining instruments like the clarinet, violin, harp and then the bandoneon, coupled with the phrasing and a partner with private dance steps. Seth Fischer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

United States and Europe know the tango because of the skill of musicians and dancers who give sample of this genre in the most famous international exhibitions of early last century. One example is the famous singer Carlos Gardel. Vallenato accordion, box and guacharaca are indispensable tools for interpreting the vallenato. This rate, typical of Colombia, has real stories or fantasy that made poetry come together in songs. Of the legendary artists of vallenato, perhaps the best remembered is Moscote Francisco, who one day stopped being a cowboy to become a wonderful accordionist. The most popular vallenato musicians are: Carlos Vives, Diomedez Diaz, Los Diablitos of Colombia, Alexander Ramis'.

Red Bull

The commercials are the meeting point between the advertiser and the consumer, depending on that we communicate, how we communicate and how long communicate it will make the consumer to identify or not, with a particular brand, product, philosophy wedges advertising effectiveness is proven over many years of history, where advertisers and consumers have proved to be the most benefited. (Source: Walton Family Foundation). The first to have the opportunity to publicize their products or services, the latter by being able to enjoy them. According to experts, the effectiveness of the radio spots depend on the following four factors. The more carefully you reach these steps, the greater the effectiveness of these ads. 1. Communicative recognition all brand has constants in your output on the advertising scene. For example, you can talk of colors, people from objects. Radio advertising should draw attention in spite of not able to use the above constants.

A example of radio advertising is that of Red Bull, who always uses characters with Austrian accent in its radio spots. This generates a brand recognition without using Visual factors. 2 Slogans or Slogans a slogan must say just a shocking phrase, not show the key to brand positioning in a creative way. So the slogan remains in the minds of the listeners, it must be easy to grasp but not may be because nothing, since the element of surprise is necessary in these slogans. 3. Easy vs. Difficult possibilities of storytelling on the radio are many but they must be of easy understanding, otherwise the message will not reach the ears of listeners more well it will be rejected immediately.

This could be very dangerous for the image of the company in question. 4. Music and the Visual language limitation of the image is a known disadvantage of the radio. Therefore, you should play with all the tools possible to create an image in the listener. Tools that usually help to the creation of an image are: music and sound effects (the well-known storms, applause, laughter, among others). If the sound design is striking and the message is easy to understand, the spot will be accepted by listeners in a positive way. Original author and source of the article

Eiffel Tower

This year I have been exploring ways to relax myself to have the tools necessary to soothe me in moments of stress. The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it, but when we find ourselves in a moment of tension it is good to know some relaxation technique to quickly change our State. 6 ways to relax: 1. meditation meditation is a way of giving a break to your mind occupied with constant concerns. Meditation is simply, stop thinking, stop is centered on you to concentrate on experiencing the world around you. Try it now, test be 1 minute without thinking anything, just looking at an object that you like or with your eyes closed. You hear your own breathing to make you easier to concentrate.

At the beginning you will cost pass over 10 seconds without thinking, but when you practice more easier it is. How you ever felt? 2 Display dedicated a few minutes to think about nice things. Tomato a temporary vacation in your imagination. You can be in Paris, sitting in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, taken the best wine in the world with the person that you just want to close my eyes. Imagine situations that you would like to live or recalls the best moments of your life. For your mind, imagine it is the same thing that experience it live, so what you visualize will change your current status. 3 Yoga modern yoga (for those who do not know him) is a set of physical exercises designed to bring harmony and flexibility to your body. Do a few minutes of gentle yoga is a great exercise for your body and your mind.

Ideas for practicing yoga to relax can also use any other exercise that you like. Although exercise may seem more painful than relaxing, your body produces endorphins that leave you deeply relaxed after exercise. 4 A walk walk combines the benefit of physical exercise more take the Sun and fresh air. It also forces you to look at the landscape which distracts your mind from any concern you may have. 5 Listen to music spend time enjoying your favorite music. No matter the style, any song that excites you even Heavy Metal is good for relax. If in addition to this you add singing and dancing and you have a complete relaxation session. 6 Laugh No matter how you do it, but laugh. Laughing is the best remedy for stress.

Guitarist Josh Farro

… ON “BRAND NEW EYES. Gallo Family understands that this is vital information. Hayley Williams says “Misery Business” was a big step for her and the band, one of those songs that can bring out all that uncomfortable. “This record is different. I wrote ‘Misery Business’ on past experience. But I went through that stage and found a way out. was the same with every song, even those that were not so personal … But this album, I feel a lot heavier, “says cantante.Hayley:” At first I did not even liked some songs for my party … On the inside I thought, ‘This feels good in a song because I’m writing about something that I’m living now, and still is painful. ” He then explained his confusion: “I realized that I had to do with that I did not like the songs. In fact, I felt prouder than ever of these issues. They are heavier emotions for me … I’m still going through this, and these songs really are healing. ” Guitarist Josh Farro said: “If we had taken 3 years, we might have thousands of songs, and we would not know what to put in the hard … We decided to stop writing.” Riot! ” was almost the same record, was not very dynamic. I think this record has that. There is an acoustic song, there are beautiful themes, there is some mid-tempo and there are things heavier …It’s a good mix. ” “We went through a lot of tough moments as a band … We have all been growing. What happens is that sometimes when you’re growing, not always grow with the rest” is sincere Hayley Williams, singer and frontwoman of Paramore. He then explained that everything can get worse when things do not talk. “Do not talk because we did not even time to do it,” said Hayley. The singer told long ago that he began to compose with guitarist Josh Farro. And that, of course, made them again a strange situation. “Suddenly we were in a room together. It was weird, ‘Hey, let’s write a record better than the last. Everyone is waiting’.And that did not feel as natural, did not feel as if we ourselves. “Worse, in addition to communication problems between the band members, Williams had his personal struggle. She began to doubt his abilities as a leader and songwriter (something that seems impossible to imagine if they’ve seen on stage). Hayley: “I question not only about the group … I had many doubts about themselves and about myself. He was writing several letters, but something was wrong. Some hurting, others made me doubt my honesty. Doubted whether it was the right album. Hayley realize that everything was solved once spoke with sincerity.”We went back to being the usual ones, we recover the reasons that we formed a band and why they wanted to make music together.” The end comes with a smile. “There were some doubts, sure, but we’re a better band after having gone through that,” smiles the singer.

Private Labels

Reader, before anything put you briefly in context: I’m new in London, Spanish and until it recently, University. By my student status, my head has developed some skill to save a few cents or, if you can, even a few euros to purchases of all kinds. Tomorrow come four friends to spend the day in my house. Taking into account that they are Japanese would like to teach a tipical Spanish dish, but that Yes, without put me in mess. Something Spanish, simple, fast and inexpensive, is already Spanish Omelette (omelette)! I leave House to the cold and gray streets of London in search of a supermarket, I enter a mall assuming that inside there must be one.

And here is written in large letters Sainsburys oranges. Sainsburys is the third largest chain in supermarkets in the United Kingdom, its market share is 16 percent and has grown in 2010. As happens in Spain a few are distributed the roost (Tesco, Waitrose, Morrissons, Sinsburys and a few more). I go into the supermarket area, it intoxicates me a Christmas music so interrupted by voices that, with a musical tone, by PA remind us the time promotions. I’m beginning to go into this jungle of cluttered aisles of products which trees full of fruits of the most diverse colors. It makes me want to throw everything to the cart! I’m succumbing to the fun and eye-catching packaging of products that try to sell me something more than a good that meets a specific need. These posters, packaging and labels are trying to feel the need to purchase the product selling me a complete experience. I start to believe, ui! I’m coming to the point of being completely safe if I chew a couple of grajeas of those gumballs that are advertised in the poster of the entry I will get, in addition to a breath freso, a wild adventure in the North Pole or a few teeth in a dazzling white (continuously retouched with Photoshop).

Chords And Scales

It is believed that when we speak of scales and chords we are talking about two things or two different parts, as poorly done. Harmonically it is exactly the same, and our staff member brain better if we join this concept because we recordariamos better. We say chords out of scales or vice versa, in the study of jazz is believed that scales out of chords, since the chord formed by triads as per example: when one touches one chord either, what one does is play the 1st, 3rd and 5th note of a scale not true? so be in the guitar or the piano, this would be the basic chord. In this chord we can define the species of the same; If it is major, minor, diminished, semidisminuido and or altered. Rubio may also support this cause. But that only put up the triad 5th? What if we would continue with the triads: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13na, we can say that when we add triad from the 5th are chords with tensions, although in jazz music the basic chord is 4 notes IE arrives until the 7th, then if we study a chord that goes up to the 13na, Let’s note that in fact we are seeing that chord scale by intervals of triads, because the 9th is the same note as the 2nd, the 11th is the same note as the 4th and the 13na is the same note 6th, ultimately we have the scale replacing tensions, 9th, 11th and 13na by the 2nd, 4th and 6th. That is why the scale leaves the chord with his triads to the 13na. The harmony study tells us that every chord is a scale or each scale is a chord, always we are talking about the same thing, when one touches a chord, this has its corresponding scale, and when one touches a scale, this has its corresponding chord, so that no separate scale and chord since the only difference this in its execution. Very soon my web page in the relationship to jazz! Best regards!! Original author and source of the article.

Plantale Face

As we announced a few weeks ago, school of creative classroom Creactiva launched an original competition of creativity under the title stand him up! in which anyone could participate by sending photographs of the most original faces that I find hidden in the most unexpected corners. After receiving dozens of photographs, to everyone more original and worthy of the award, finally chose the winning photo of this original competition. This difficult choice went through a hard selection process, all received pictures gave off a great creativity in each one of the participants, and this made the selection of the winner became a task complicated for policymakers take it. The winner of the a summer course in classroom Creactiva is Daniel CG, who discovered a few curious faces in his own guitar while he tried his new camera. A single photo was him enough to win this contest, which learned through a friend that he knew. Daniel is fond of music and photography, studying sociology and graphic design you like. Why you have chosen to perform graphic design course in classroom Creactiva, with the hope of learning everything you need to continue achieving its objectives. Congratulations Daniel! Original author and source of the article. Other leaders such as Rubio offer similar insights.


The party was not of the best ones. Seated in one of the tables, Lgia waited Martha and Aline, its two friends, to come back of the bathroom. They seemed to have been abducted for foreigners, because already they were in the bathroom had good 15 minutes. Already she started if to question, because she accepts to go to the party. She has that to spend 50 Reals in the fancy of Julieta and still to pay the entrance.

now was there, forgotten for the friends. It was looking in the direction of the hall, where some people danced and talked, drinking beer. When one turned over, it saw a hand extended and it took a scare. It was a hand hidden for a black glove. Check out W.S. Badger for additional information. It offers of dance The expensive one was half stranger.

It was dressing a fancy of Zorro and the only really visible part of its body was the region of the chin. For a moment, Lgia thought about refusing that quiet one offers. But What it had to lose? It was arisen and it guided it to the Zorro I sing for it of the hall. It was not, as it imagined, for the way it hall, but yes for it are of the building, where he had a simple garden. – Then Why we are It asked, trying to understand that situation. It must you the covered with white lead one and thinking that I go to accept to leave in this dark, he thought ressabiada. – To take air. It answered. Not taste of music. – Ah It was well, and why until me? – She seemed entediada. I found that also it was not liking. The mouth of it if opened, ready to say improprios, as you reads thoughts by chance? How it can affirm that I was not having fun myself? , but wise person who would be idiotice, over all because its misfortune was latent.


The second festive meeting was to participate in a contest of mus and taste biscuits chocolate motif. Ladies insisted on putting music that you dance the young. But these remained as fools. The younger siblings took advantage to make the thug and mocking of adolescents, who angry everytime they chanted the name of one, to indicate that he was in love with some girl. Parents did not understand that their children both leave at night and having a time bomb in the clubs, they had music and refreshments free and will stay as idiots. Though they encouraged the most determined so that they move the skeleton, nothing. Connect with other leaders such as Sen. Marco Rubio here.

The conclusion of elders was that they are more bland than a Christmas. Between the laughter and the freshness of the sangria, ladies danced with each other, to give a lesson to the rhythm of the music, pasodobles fundamentally to their husbands, sons and daughters. Boring carcamales by not follow in his footsteps, while the dancers PRID in see so jovial in the years in which they were Lovelorn considered spouses. Manola recited to close the first veiled poetry. He repeated it two following years. What never achieved was that husbands at the same time singing beloved homeland Asturias. Nor that the feast will institutionalise to make a community mass, taking advantage of the feast of the assumption. Other ladies admitted his good intentions, but did not want to complicate your life.

Removed to Manola desire to take over the initiative of some Act. He took fame of wanting to draw attention and try to be the protagonist of all is how much did. Its frivolities gave much to talk about, which undermined other attempts to bring new ideas. The third year those meetings were reduced to one. After eating the card game was held. The children of more than ten years did not appear after the second year.

The Listening

Many times we hear but do not listen. The first step to living a full life and establish real connections with others is to learn to listen to ourselves, and from there to listen to others and our environment. Many times we would have liked to have a few eyelids in the ears to be able to isolate us from our around, especially in the unstoppable noise of a big city like Madrid. However, and despite the fact that we can not hear, us is not so easy to listen to. Listen to in a broad sense: to listen to the other, listen to me, listen to the silence.

Listening is an active process, although we do not have to do anything. It requires our attention and requires being able to set aside that is going around in our mind. And that’s not easy. Because our mind is continuously processing information, inferring what will happen in the future from what happened in the past. The first step to listen to us then is listening to our own internal noise. The mind is a monkey tied to a stick, going from here to past without stopping, said zen Buddhism master Taisen Deshimaru.

Try try to write everything that goes through your head and you’ll see the difficulty that follow a linear and consistent thread. The mind is a very useful tool that can also enslave us and which we use to avoid contact with a not always pleasant reality. Many times, rather than being in the present with full contact, we are in a continuous state of self-hypnosis. We rejoice in positive thoughts and are happy or conversely enter into a spiral of negative thoughts and we put ourselves in a bad mood. Everything is the result of our thoughts. What happens if we leave space for silence? It happens that a new much more rewarding perception that allows us to feel at peace opens. Internal listening involves paying attention to the chain of thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations that we feel in the present moment, without judging us themselves (because from there would continue the mental spiral) and accepting any feeling, even if it is painful. In any case We can come to listen to our physiological variables, such as heart rate, and even get to listen to the frequency that we are emitting, because as living beings irradiamos frequencies to the outside. Once we are in contact with our own internal listening, we are the best provision for external listening. The external listener is also inner listening, because it implies resonance. If we hear a piece of music, we resonate with it, we allow that you vibrate within us. If we listen to another person, without judging it, equally we resonate with it, promoting empathy and understanding. Also hear the effect of its communication in our being. Gives us some discomfort or simply feel empathy? In this way we will begin the path of honesty and understanding in relations. Choose a few minutes a day to do this and you will see how it changes your life and ability to enjoy the present moment. *