Michaela Riedl

This is the clarity of a certain freedom with which she lower can feel their sexual needs. This is very important for women to come in contact with the own femininity. A woman who has discovered the power of their sexuality and draws from this, is radiant, creative and contagious alive. You embodies the beauty of life and again attracts this beauty like a magnet. No Yoni is ever tired to send signals of the invitation to us always on the new.

We are deeply connected to her and can not ignore them or banish from the life. Whether young or old, seventeen or siebenundsiebzig, whether filled with beautiful experiences, isolated or traumatized, our Yoni holds open ways for us and himself is never very close. It’s therefore no matter are we where the sexual experience if we decide for a journey of discovery in the depths of our Yoni. What we can find on this trip, is the flower of our femininity. A woman who knows her Yoni and stands in an intimate contact with her, knows exactly what sexual desires she has, and can communicate these in a clear way. A such self-confidence and self-image is reflected also in all other areas of life, it is transferred to our entire being. All knowledge that we can acquire the Yoni-massage and Yoni, we have always a mystery dealing with, that we should not desecrate through an overly analytical mind and overly restrictive interpretations.

“This intimate massage is therefore an invitation to engage us in devotion and without expectations of a process and what is to love”. A basis for more pleasure or even cure. The revelation of this spiritual, intimate and powerful space in us and deep peace, which we know is the uniqueness of the Yoni massage. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Yorkville Advisors . Book tip Yoni massage”the basic movement of Michaela Riedl, Masseuse, supplier of massage seminars and diploma music teacher, published the first book on the subject (19.90, Hans Nietsch Verlag available via Amazon) in October 2006.