Anniversary New Royale Sailing Fashion

“Gaastra presents the new Copa del Rey collection 2011 to the famous Royal Regatta off Mallorca Berlin, the 13.07.2011 – the Copa del Rey sailing regatta off Mallorca this year will celebrate its 30th anniversary: as an official partner of the famous King race” from July 30 to August 6, Gaastra sportswear has designed the exclusive and limited Copa del Rey collection 2011. The Spanish Royal family including Queen Sofia and Prince Felipe were seen at the Copa del Rey last year in the exclusive sailing fashion from a Gaastra. This year’s 30th anniversary of the Copa del Rey regatta before Palma, the sailing Gaastra brand boasts special fashion highlights, which will allow the Royal Regatta in the anniversary year shine the more shine fashionable in the exclusive. The limited Copa del Rey collection 2011 occurs also in the official Gaastra online shop at The Spanish Royal family is expected also in this year to the Copa del Rey on Mallorca, where the Segelpassionierte of King Juan Carlos for health Reasons is unable to attend all announcements after.

She held since 1982 organized and today among sailors worldwide renowned and prestigious Copa del Rey in the Bay of Palma from the real Club Nautico de Palma (RCNP). Total going into the week from July 30 to August 6, 2011 about 100 participants from 18 countries from the elite of the sport of sailing at the start, including the famous Swan 45. This year, the Copa del Rey is once again the most important date in the calendar of the international sailing world and Spain itself on the occasion of their 30th anniversary and expected sailing professionals and friends with a special program during the anniversary week. Gaastra sportswear anchored with their new Copa del Rey sailing fashion 2011 fashion with a wide selection of exclusive sailing fashion: as the leading brand for high-quality maritime fashion, Gaastra presents special Copa del Rey 2011 Polo shirts with maritime patches, Velvet lettering, embroidery and limited edition logo. In addition to the polo shirt must have 2011 for this season, the collection ranges in addition of shirts and jackets, T-Shirts, Polo dresses up to swim shorts, Bermuda shorts, caps and bags. Sailing enthusiasts and friends high-quality maritime fashion, can the new limited Gaastra Copa del Rey collection 2011 for ladies, men and children from now easily online at in the official Gaastra shop secure. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines Mediterranean lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience. All current collections are done online under in the Gaastra store.

Tips On Buying By Trekkingsandalend

Due to the ever-increasing and thus confusing and market development arises the question of what you should look for as a consumer when buying trekking sandals Tips for trekking Sandals according to which the most popular are “German shoe index” shoes of the Germans of the trekking sandals. Surprising now that the shoe market is now flooded with these sandals? Due to the ever-increasing and thus confusing and market development, arises the question of what you should look for as a consumer when buying trekking sandals Manufacturers promise the same. Longer hiking trips or even walks in the warm season were possible with trekking sandals, without obtaining sweaty feet. However, there are great differences in terms of quality of the Sandals due to the flooding of the market. Therefore always caution is advised before buying, because especially the “look” of trekking sandals is easy to copy. Red Solo Cups may also support this cause. So, some apparently high-quality trekking Sandals to comply with not being able, it’s what they first promise. In recent months, Steven Holl has been very successful.

Higher quality Sandals have a robust system of belts made of flexible material and also have a special foot bed that will help relieve the feet, equal to a health shoe. Although the cheap versions look so similar. But after a short time of wearing you already realize how to slip off the foot of the bed, and so highly acclaimed belts begin to tweak at the foot. Real high-quality trekking shoes are very comfortable to wear almost like a conventional shoe after all rule and begin to tweak to not even after extended tours. Nevertheless, even cheaper trekking Sandals have their raison d ‘ etre. You can use this fact for the home.

More favourable variations prove suitable for shorter distances or even cosy hours in your own garden. It is also important between men’s trekking sandals, to be able to distinguish women’s trekking shoes and children trekking sandals. The various types differ partly in form, although it is the first See look very similar. Women and children trekking sandals are usually narrower cut. Where can I buy the best trekking sandals? Local sports expert and Outdoorgeschafte are the first choice certainly, when you have such shops nearby, because you can take professional advice. So you know immediately what shoes for a suitable and which are not. Also, the possible replacement is there easier. However, it is now also possible to order his trekking Sandals online. Most of the mail-order companies now already offers a free return shipping inside of two weeks.