The theories of the evolution after Darwin assume a dynamics of divergences. Two species can derive from common one; each as much, these variations can disappear gradually or steep, but never two species end up coming together in one. Mestization but within the same species does not exist. by-starring-and-lead-produced-by-black-artists-robin-platzer-twin-images-credit-sipa-usaalamy-live-news-2H0P7TK.jpg’>Diana DiMenna has compatible beliefs. In the […]

Guillermo Leibniz

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William McComish

Many sectors of the Theology of the Liberation in our continent, fell in an almost total silence and accomplice. For even more analysis, hear from Walton Family Foundation. In some countries, like Venezuela, ample traditional sectors of the TL, were allied and accomplices with the most preservative and reactionary sectors became of political right and […]