Eiffel Tower

This year I have been exploring ways to relax myself to have the tools necessary to soothe me in moments of stress. The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it, but when we find ourselves in a moment of tension it is good to know some relaxation technique to quickly change our State. 6 ways to relax: 1. meditation meditation is a way of giving a break to your mind occupied with constant concerns. Meditation is simply, stop thinking, stop is centered on you to concentrate on experiencing the world around you. Try it now, test be 1 minute without thinking anything, just looking at an object that you like or with your eyes closed. You hear your own breathing to make you easier to concentrate.

At the beginning you will cost pass over 10 seconds without thinking, but when you practice more easier it is. How you ever felt? 2 Display dedicated a few minutes to think about nice things. Tomato a temporary vacation in your imagination. You can be in Paris, sitting in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, taken the best wine in the world with the person that you just want to close my eyes. Imagine situations that you would like to live or recalls the best moments of your life. For your mind, imagine it is the same thing that experience it live, so what you visualize will change your current status. 3 Yoga modern yoga (for those who do not know him) is a set of physical exercises designed to bring harmony and flexibility to your body. Do a few minutes of gentle yoga is a great exercise for your body and your mind.

Ideas for practicing yoga to relax can also use any other exercise that you like. Although exercise may seem more painful than relaxing, your body produces endorphins that leave you deeply relaxed after exercise. 4 A walk walk combines the benefit of physical exercise more take the Sun and fresh air. It also forces you to look at the landscape which distracts your mind from any concern you may have. 5 Listen to music spend time enjoying your favorite music. No matter the style, any song that excites you even Heavy Metal is good for relax. If in addition to this you add singing and dancing and you have a complete relaxation session. 6 Laugh No matter how you do it, but laugh. Laughing is the best remedy for stress.

Private Labels

Reader, before anything put you briefly in context: I’m new in London, Spanish and until it recently, University. By my student status, my head has developed some skill to save a few cents or, if you can, even a few euros to purchases of all kinds. Tomorrow come four friends to spend the day in my house. Taking into account that they are Japanese would like to teach a tipical Spanish dish, but that Yes, without put me in mess. Something Spanish, simple, fast and inexpensive, is already Spanish Omelette (omelette)! I leave House to the cold and gray streets of London in search of a supermarket, I enter a mall assuming that inside there must be one.

And here is written in large letters Sainsburys oranges. Sainsburys is the third largest chain in supermarkets in the United Kingdom, its market share is 16 percent and has grown in 2010. As happens in Spain a few are distributed the roost (Tesco, Waitrose, Morrissons, Sinsburys and a few more). I go into the supermarket area, it intoxicates me a Christmas music so interrupted by voices that, with a musical tone, by PA remind us the time promotions. I’m beginning to go into this jungle of cluttered aisles of products which trees full of fruits of the most diverse colors. It makes me want to throw everything to the cart! I’m succumbing to the fun and eye-catching packaging of products that try to sell me something more than a good that meets a specific need. These posters, packaging and labels are trying to feel the need to purchase the product selling me a complete experience. I start to believe, ui! I’m coming to the point of being completely safe if I chew a couple of grajeas of those gumballs that are advertised in the poster of the entry I will get, in addition to a breath freso, a wild adventure in the North Pole or a few teeth in a dazzling white (continuously retouched with Photoshop).

The Listening

Many times we hear but do not listen. The first step to living a full life and establish real connections with others is to learn to listen to ourselves, and from there to listen to others and our environment. Many times we would have liked to have a few eyelids in the ears to be able to isolate us from our around, especially in the unstoppable noise of a big city like Madrid. However, and despite the fact that we can not hear, us is not so easy to listen to. Listen to in a broad sense: to listen to the other, listen to me, listen to the silence.

Listening is an active process, although we do not have to do anything. It requires our attention and requires being able to set aside that is going around in our mind. And that’s not easy. Because our mind is continuously processing information, inferring what will happen in the future from what happened in the past. The first step to listen to us then is listening to our own internal noise. The mind is a monkey tied to a stick, going from here to past without stopping, said zen Buddhism master Taisen Deshimaru.

Try try to write everything that goes through your head and you’ll see the difficulty that follow a linear and consistent thread. The mind is a very useful tool that can also enslave us and which we use to avoid contact with a not always pleasant reality. Many times, rather than being in the present with full contact, we are in a continuous state of self-hypnosis. We rejoice in positive thoughts and are happy or conversely enter into a spiral of negative thoughts and we put ourselves in a bad mood. Everything is the result of our thoughts. What happens if we leave space for silence? It happens that a new much more rewarding perception that allows us to feel at peace opens. Internal listening involves paying attention to the chain of thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations that we feel in the present moment, without judging us themselves (because from there would continue the mental spiral) and accepting any feeling, even if it is painful. In any case We can come to listen to our physiological variables, such as heart rate, and even get to listen to the frequency that we are emitting, because as living beings irradiamos frequencies to the outside. Once we are in contact with our own internal listening, we are the best provision for external listening. The external listener is also inner listening, because it implies resonance. If we hear a piece of music, we resonate with it, we allow that you vibrate within us. If we listen to another person, without judging it, equally we resonate with it, promoting empathy and understanding. Also hear the effect of its communication in our being. Gives us some discomfort or simply feel empathy? In this way we will begin the path of honesty and understanding in relations. Choose a few minutes a day to do this and you will see how it changes your life and ability to enjoy the present moment. *

Beauty Before Death

Beauty before death 1 caught between the death of Farrah and Michael, the natural beauty and plastic cast to mourn Frente al espejo of loneliness in the world, forgetting that in the Karegar Avenue in Tehran, an Iranian woman, Neda, had been lying and wound of death with a shot in the chest by a sniper, being able to do anything for herexcept pressing and massaging between her breasts as first aid to a heart that, rather than continue beating, esputo a they gelled blood through his mouth and stain the beautiful face of a human being that we looked at, modified, with eyes on white, so blind as ours, leaving dying beauty before death. In the West, the beauty before death, of whole body, naked or not, was the fair-haired framing a face and teeth, a black color wanting to be a white color, the known cancerous angel and the surprising heart King, fallen after the lost battle and return truncated in the ages of decadence, crepuscularmente esplendiendo a commiseration solar, television and since from a white and black, hollywoodesca, desolate and musical America. 2. A strange dreams of Magellan Music traffic makes guitars and birds instrumentalicen a requiem, in crescendo, so that a spontaneous human combustion burn in the East as in the West, the ash of the heroes, is the media contribution to the human condition not suffer more than necessary, natural and artistically in this dream that releases white roses and black on the boulevards of reality, where the duel and the drill Act from a pain that is has been intensifying until it hurt and having to disappear in a monstrous connection between an object and its image: his voice and his body. We don’t cry for us or for others, but for that which is in front of our eyes that is beauty before death, as well as the disappearance of the stars by light pollution from cities to heaven, assuming us misery as a planetary passion for not being able to see the sea beyond our tears, having to search for, and find, in the mirrors of the human face, that contagiante and last rictus of happiness on the face of the Earth in the rigor mortis of our bodies to return alive nature tremor, but until then that it is now, the beauty before death, is the fair-haired smiling black and white teeth. 111. The beauty before death is that monstrous connection between an object and its image, not the subject in the human being, the recorded voice and printed body, pain and grief in the most decadent of all drills: the beauty before death as an ensimismacion global, television and since, though whales are worth more alive than dead to an observer and predatory tourismin both, 35 000 years ago, a man, in the solitude of a cave, it blew to a vulture-bone flute, human breath that now makes us so much is missing: the beautiful music of the human condition accompanied by loneliness, because there can be no more beauty before death as the unquenchable sound life with the words and the music of poetry. Friday 26 June 2009 original author and source of the article..

Pinkypop Christmas Story

Free online Pinkypop our new game. Christmas Story is the third tale about the adventures of the fantastic character Pinkypop. It is a beautiful creature with pink hair, long ears and tail. Apart from the hero, the game offers you an unforgettable encounter with your friends and other beautiful characters. In this game online of difference Pinkypop has received bright magical wings as a Christmas gift and is apresurandose to the House to celebrate the winter holidays with their loved ones. The magical wings of yellow color will help you arrive at the Party on time! But there is an unexpected danger suddenly appears in the sky the Green Goblin who learned about the wings of Pinkypop and he is chasing him to steal them your goal in this game free online is to locate the differences between two similar images. To detect the difference you have to click on the object with your mouse, and press Esc to pause only. The game consists of 10 levels, and each level represents two drawings where you have to find 5 differences. If you play fast enough and the points you are still can press on the box with gift stating hint to obtain some help with regard to the differences. Also if too difficult to find you some difference in drawing the game automatically helps you making appear transparent circles near objects then you have to pay maximum attention! When all differences are revealed in each one level, the drawing is changed and the new image can be seen seems as if accounts of fairy magic were leafing through a book! The game has beautiful graphics with vivid colors and really charismatic characters. This free online game melodic music helps the player to immerse yourself in the magical feeling of the Christmas events. To summarize, Pinkypop. Christmas story is a difference game that surely would love to the girls and enamoraria with its spirit of Christmas more attentive players! Original author and source of the article.

The Flor Del Madrono

The flower of the Arbutus on the old bark of the Riachuelo River, white circles of silk madronos evoked the purity times; below, the spring grumbled complaining about the ensemillada faragua and was as penetrating to an infer loneliness and endless steam. They were in short they supply already to the doves and the snakes wanted to crawl on the retostado soil of clay and gravel, which is cuarteaba day after day, relieving the screams of the dryness of the subsoil. That great purity, evil in power, tornabase already in mourning of angelic, and summer wind argued with the tops of the trees, which were husks and shells music old music and unknown, music of time lost in our memories, gloomy music with aromas of Strawberry tree flower, white butterflies that pretended the permanence, flowers that perfumed kilometers and kilometers of those old bedsheets uneven and full of Pigweed and nettle. We talked about el Madrono on snails that flower coleccionabamos; We had a campfire and returned to the town drunk by the scent of the flower of el Madrono and mind focused on white mats that ancient branches of that tree of del monte. And summer wind continued bickering with the tops of these trees, which were husks and shells musical, white butterflies old music and unknown, music of time found in our memories, exotic music with aromas of flower of Arbutus, white butterflies that pretended the permanence, flowers that perfumed kilometers and kilometers of those old bedsheets uneven and full of love and life. Rene De Leon g. on November 24, 1978, original author and source of the article.

For Spinoza

The substance is infinite. If the substance definition is the being that exists for itself, is impossible that at the same time he is ' ' not ser' '. For Spinoza idea of one to be finite corresponds to the idea of not being, and if it is to be is not limited, and if it is limited it cannot be perfect, therefore, it is impossible that the substance is finite, therefore for definition is infinite. It writes Spinoza in Proposal 8: ' ' An only substance of same attribute (for prop does not exist seno. 5), and to its nature belong existing (for prop. 7).

To its nature, therefore, existing, or as finite will belong or as infinite. However, it could not be as finite, therefore (for def.2), in this in case that it would have to be limited by another one same nature, which also would have necessarily to exist (prop. 7). They would exist, then, two substances of same attribute, what it is nonsense (for prop. 5).

Soon, it exists as infinita.' ' The substance is only one second substance is only possible if to distinguish from the first one. But so that this occurs she is necessary that the first one possesss a perfection that it does not possess second; it is necessary that this second substance involves to be and either finite, what is impossible, therefore does not finish to demonstrate to be any infinite substance. This substance, according to Spinoza, is God, necessary, infinite and only, simple, invariant and independent the Being par excellence. It writes Spinoza in proposal 5: to ' ' If two existed or more distinct substances, them would have to be distinguished enter itself for the difference of the atribtos or the difference of the afeces (for proposal 4). If they distinguished themselves only for the difference of the attributes, are of if admitting, then, that seno does not exist an only substance of same attribute.

Beginning Reality

' Akasha' ' it is a word very used, for some societies to define you vary things, but that in its mago possesss the same meant: ' ' origem' '. Being that ' ' Akasha' ' can be considered begins it electric that of the origin to all the things; ' ' ter' ' , the fifth essence of cosmo; or, in psychiatry, unconscious the collective one, of where the knowledge acquired for the humanity since the primrdios is stored all. Everything this is not very credvel, to put the nomenclature is good, express good a meaning. As much that can be used as metaphor perfectly in the subject that follows ahead. Seen I finish it paragraph was very obvious for the context that the subject of the text will be about the origin of some thing, but before more deeply entering in this ' ' coisa' ' , we will before try to appraise it. What it is real? How we can define what it is the reality? Yes, we will deal with one of the great pillars of the philosophy, the reality.

If only to appraise the reality as ' ' everything what he is real' ' , we would be ignoring much thing, without forgetting itself to destroy certain definitions. First, if to place what it is real as everything what can be touched, or that it is simply tangible, in this case the concept of ' ' realidade' ' it would be only what the neuro-electrochemical sensors of our brain in action, therefore are they who regulate the tato, that, in turn, would define what she is real? this explains why you vary drunk people had obtained to touch in the famous pink elephant with blue small balls. We can also forget the tangible concept with that famous used religious citation comumente equalizar themselves and explaining the existence of God: ' ' God is as the wind, I do not obtain to see the wind, I I do not obtain to touch the wind, but feel I it in mim' ' (…).

Choosing A Wedding Bouquet

Wedding – one of the most exciting and memorable events of life. On this wonderful day, very gentle, very happy to be unique and, of course, the bride. In its way it should be great: and makeup, and hairstyle, and wedding dress. The culmination of all this beauty, of course, is the bride's bouquet, which will go further and question. Brides bouquet is different bouquets of its elegance, decor, tenderness and shape. Bridal bouquet – A very special bouquet, because his every woman dreams to take from the hands of her fiance.

The latter, gives the bride a bouquet, not only, but also his love. Beautiful and unique bridal bouquet will decorate wedding photos and videos are memories that will last for years. That is why the bride's bouquet should be ordered in advance, specify in detail all the nuances of its preparation. A bouquet is selected, so that harmony with it dress and hair style bride. Every florist who makes wedding bouquets, give you a choice of different types of bouquets, where if you wish, you can change some details.

When ordering a bride's bouquet included wishes, first of all, the bride. According to her wishes are selected elements of decoration, color, size and shape of the bouquet. Now there is a huge variety of design options and making wedding bouquets and among this variety every bride will choose for themselves the right bouquet. A professional florist can help and advise council to choose what kind of flower that he was pleased with the bride and groom and all guests at the wedding of his freshness and originality. This bouquet will escort the bride from the very beginning of the ceremony until the end of the celebration. Throughout the wedding bouquet gives the bride happy, but at the end of the wedding, he serves as a baton carried on the new bride. When choosing a wedding bouquet can be ordered more decorations such as flowers for the bride's hair and hands that perfectly complement the image of the bride. We should not forget about the buttonhole for the groom, it is small bouquet made of the same color as the main bunch. Such an important event like a wedding, guests must be remembered, and most importantly the newlyweds. And do not skimp on those things that make this holiday joyful bright and cheerful. Fresh flowers can decorate a wedding car, a hall for the ceremonies, the hall for a wedding banquet, and of course the holiday table. Decorated with fresh flowers wedding car, a hall for the ceremony, the hall for a wedding banquet, banquet tables will fill the day with vivid colors and pleasant experiences.


So who is God? We ask this question myself since childhood and can not realize who he was. We go to church, pray, pray for forgiveness sins, and then repeat them, light candles, drink the holy water, buy an icon. See clergy think that only through them, we communicate with God. Our minds are dimmed, as if we all fell asleep at once and forgotten. Ranit because people do not communicate with him through an intermediary, but now? Now what? Today we do not understand the truth, and do not want to understand.

God is Ecumenical perfect mind, a cluster of universal energy, it is love. It must be love, thanks for everything. He's like our hermaphrodite parent, and how he can wish us harm, to punish us? Now you have a question: If he us so fond of, then why do people get sick and suffer? I will try to explain it. The fact is that through the pain he communicates with us, he wants to put us on the right path, suggests that we are doing something wrong, our lifestyle, our thinking and limited world view, he wants us to show it, makes it clear that we need to improve, the way in which we go is a path of destruction, and it leads us only into the abyss. Many ask, why not see it? If he there is, then let him show himself. We see it in the sun, grass, earth, water, all beautiful and perfect. We feel it intuitively always close, but realize it's just a difficult situation where we suddenly became ill and well, when all problems have disappeared and it was the peace and quiet. Only after this shake-up, we realize the truth and understand it.