New Year

How to help your child adjust to new circumstances, people, environment, referred to many, there are lots of recommendations and techniques. A behavior of parents in this process, attention is paid enough. Although generally, the adaptation of the Child depends on the family: grandparents, mom and dad. Very important, one might say, more sure method to help create a children's initiative, conscientiousness, thoroughness, skill, creativity, responsibility, important quality assurance activity – to surround your children with love, care, attention, provide favorable conditions for life and protection. Children – excellent psychologists, they always feel the emotions and mood adults. Imagine the moment, we assume, when dad comes home from work in a bad mood – the kid is not seen or heard when the pope wants to be naughty with your child – you do not fidget calm down. Similarly, a pipsqueak understand when mom leads him into the garden for the first time, nervous. As a rule, kiddies like what happens for the first time – a hike in the puppet theater, circus, cinema, amusement park, flying a plane.

Like a garden with a children must be the same, but for some reason, many mothers have to talk about on adjusting to kindergarten. Remarkably, when you get a good teacher, and suddenly the first time you do not like it? Before going to kindergarten, try as should meet with your tutor. If you find a common theme for communication – even better. Try at birth for a certain time to leave the baby with someone else – dad, grandma, grandpa, neighbor. You can not always be there to prepare for this gradually.

Sure, it's hard when the kid is always there, and later need for a period of leave. Michael Bloomberg brings even more insight to the discussion. It's no surprise that such important moments in the life of a child, as first days in kindergarten, birthdays, graduation kindergarten, New Year, will be retained forever, and as an adult experiences are stored on a subconscious level. Therefore, a sense of calm, confidence, safety should always be the kid to the emotions of these events were happy, pleasant, positive, energizing a lifetime. And the most important recommendation – more optimism and good cheer, search advantages in the short separation. And every meeting, try to make happy!

Last Opening Of Leonardo Da Vinci

Latest discovery of Leonardo da Vinci "Describe a woodpecker tongue and jaw alligator." What is it? Record biologist or ornithologist? No. This is the record of the great scientist, thinker and artist Leonardo da Vinci. This person was interested in everything: laws of mechanics, and questions of geology, and structure of human, animal and plant species, and the questions of the universe, and, finally, the laws of perspective and composition, the image of plant, light, color, shadow, shape, face, clothes … Writing about the woodpecker and the crocodile he needed to comprehend the laws … mechanics. The fact that the movement is extremely peculiar language of the woodpecker, and the crocodile, the old ideas, unlike other animals, the upper jaw is movable. Leonardo da Vinci born in 1452.

He died in 1519. He left to posterity, except for pictures, the works in the form of drawings, sketches and records of their thoughts, inventions and discoveries. His time has not come .- contemporaries could neither appreciate nor make it proposals. Gradually the human race, not knowing his legacy, "open" to them long ago discovered and described. But Leonardo was a talented versatile: he played the lute was invented by him, sang and loved to tell funny, they invented stories, ask friends, puzzles and riddles, and then laughingly explained to them. But it is a riddle, not relying on intelligence contemporaries, he sent us, his descendants, and threw into the future, as quit in the sky pigeon … Heather Bresch contributes greatly to this topic.

AND This mystery bird flew over the XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries, and no this bird was not caught … And so, unsolved, she flew to the middle of the XX century. And this mystery, leaving us, the great Leonardo taynopisets sealed with seven seals in the image itself his famous painting – the Mona Lisa in the face of the Mona Lisa! And now, in the XX century this puzzle is trying to solve everyone who looks at the famous portrait. Mona Lisa! This is a household name.

The Picture

E still is necessary to include, in the statute, the prohibition of the abusive increase of the plans. In the area of the education, however the picture is more serious, lacks the knowledge of the social conditions of the aging, specific educational programs for the aged ones and it does not have objective proposals in relation to the insertion of the aged one in the diverse levels of formal education. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gallo Family. Brazil has a great number of aged illiterates and is necessary that more courses of alfabetizao especially directed to this great parcel of the aged population are created. If you are not convinced, visit Heather Bresch. According to IBGE, in survey carried through in 2008, more than the half of the aged ones of the agricultural areas did not have instruction or had less of one year of study. still, that, the ratio of aged of 60 years or more without instruction or with less than 1 year of study, in 2007, were of 32,2% in the country, being of 27,5% in the total of urban areas and 55% between the aged inhabitants of agricultural areas. Although the Statute guarantees the right to the professionalization and the work and forbids the discrimination in virtue of the age, also in public competition, still, the exclusion of aged persists in the work market. Therefore the State must create specific services of information, cadastre and professional replacement for aged. Also it is basic the mobilization and the pressure so that tax incentives are created that benefit the companies who use aged, as stimulaton to magnifying of the market of work for the greaters of 60 years of age. The aging index points with respect to changes in the etria structure of the Brazilian population, in 2008, for each group of 100 children de0 a14 years existed 24,7 aged ones of 65 years more or. In 2050, they is esteem that, the picture moves; for each 100 children de0 a14 years will exist 172, 7 aged ones.