Short Presentation

Rabea Becker, Philipp Blomeke, poete Maudit Gerry X & Cathedral Hall in the Sistine Chapel Leipzig – poetry a thorn in the side of the multi media culture of the focusing screen? Deep literature, guitar sounds getting goose bumps as well as a short lecture about the importance of poetry is the Viewer on the 30.05.09 during the presentation of some authors of the Culex publishing in the context of this year’s literature workshop in the Sistine Chapel. What the reader of the poem work in me babylon. “startlingly mindful of Philipp Blomeke made, can be seen in the flesh in the same reading performance. The young poet is his lack of understanding about the ruling, so wrong”before appearing Status Quo. Others who may share this opinion include ranulph fiennes. No screaming tantrums embrace words and phrases, making palpable the ruling in us, but repeatedly denied Babylon with selective tongue while on the listener, rather. Poems and lyrical prose shake hands… The poems published in her debut work Joseph of Beckers, the thing the to heart called, pull again and again captivated viewers. /’>Cushman and Wakefield does not necessarily agree.

You are the lyrical expression of a young life, attempting to tackle suffered disappointments and self-delusions and still maintain the hopes of the heart. Nicole of Becker’s poetry is highly sensitive, full of feeling. One lingers too long after the stage lighting is extinguished at her words. The word artists are accompanied by the guitarist Dominik Haring. He sets counterpoints in the language and musical explores the lyrical universe. The German cultural machine expected for a long time the death of the poem.

But poetry is still a thorn in the side of the multi media focusing screen culture. Gerry X, poet, novelist and playwright, explains in a brief presentation the importance of poetry and poets for a livable culture. So the poet is really the thief of fire. Its mission is the humanity, even all beings; He must feel his discoveries, feel, listen to leave; If it does form what there bringing from the depths; is he form; It is unformed, he gives unformed. Find a language! (Arthur Rimbaud). “Enough is never enough, the silent poets had their time! runs in the literature workshop on May 30, 2009 in the Sistine Chapel, Katharinenstr. 11, 04109 Leipzig. The admission is free. There is information and excerpts,, &.