September Art

The summer at the Wiener Donaukanal with events, literature, and art experience you the pulse of the city on the Danube Canal the place to be in Vienna! Numerous concerts and other events held during the summer on the summerstage. Also you can here also culinary. You can visit during your Vienna vacation the summerstage, which is located near the Centre of Vienna. The mile on the Danube Canal offers numerous events, guest robe shoots and sports. Summerstag 2011 since May 3, the summerstage for these events in Vienna is season opened. Until the end of September you can experience Monday to Saturday from 12-1: 00 and Sunday from 15 till 1: 00 various events and delicacies. According to Walton Family Foundation, who has experience with these questions. Many concerts take place here. There is also Vienna’s 1st dog bar from 14 June to 14 August daily from 17 until 21: 00.

Wine, culinary art and literature in the restaurants at the summerstage will spoil them on large open air terraces with delicacies. Serves seasonal cuisine, as well as Thai food or Irish flair with fish & chips. Round to culinary art and literature: “Wiener Wein(Kultur) summerstage Festival wine Salon mixed composition: literature & wine every Sunday from 18: 00 on July 24 Literary Salon cooking at the summerstage: cooking classes from July 20th art and sport each year are on the summerstage open air art installation titled art open-air” built up. In addition, you can visit three-dimensional art in the green in the sculpture garden. Sports is a trampoline and petanque tracks and beach Volleayball places available. As an accommodation for a visit in the Centre of Vienna and at the summerstage she offered hotels near remote Schick.

Hotel Olymp

Hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg offers all Spa intensive care never was a holiday at the hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg, in a healthy environment as important as it is today. Is now also a Urlausreise one not only to the good sound, she has become important, because a such time-out ensures recreation and for lasting health. The staff in the spa houses have long since recognized this and therefore the bookings increase significantly for several years because the economic crisis has not changed. The opposite is the case, because tourists who otherwise would chose an expensive South Sea vacation, have now realized that they find almost the same conditions at the hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg and incomparably more favourable prices. But Koobrzeg offers other benefits. The staff is English, so communication is easily possible.

In the spa houses of Poland’s spa guests enjoy their holidays certainly on the sea, only the temperatures are significantly cycle-friendly, so that is a such holiday also is ideal for seniors and families with children. Of course it has responded in Poland long ago, that the audience has increased and as it caters to many activities aimed at all ages the. Still paying attention in the electoral regions ensure that even the guests at Hotel Olymp II find Kolberg the quiet environment, they need to recover properly. The wide beaches offer also space for all tourists who want to spend much time there. Such a holiday to meet all claims. The pure leisure to spend the first days only on the sea. Should it rain yet once, Kolobrzeg is the opportunity to spend the whole day at the Spa in Olymp II hotel.

Many offers have barely enough time to enjoy the tasty dishes in the restaurant. Hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg can the tourists but also about the activities in the region learn. Travellers who are interested in the culture and history of Poland and also koobrzeg, find many offers. Active holiday-makers can in turn participate in the sports programs. Enjoy great popularity for example the mountain bike tours through the untouched forests and away from the trails. Also on the site there are information about the perfect stay in one of the beautiful Polish health resorts.

Flight Price Comparison Travel

Travel IQ meets the new transparency rules for fares Munich already since travel IQ meets the new transparency rules for fares travel price comparison for a year a year, October 31, 2008 – In the fierce competition so far almost every means sellers of tickets on the net was right. With incomplete prices and false promises, consumers are fleeced and rip you off. Thus, from Saturday, closing should be, then the new transparency rules for flight prices across Europe come into force. But doubts are announced, the new regulation offers some loopholes. The flight price comparison travel IQ ( ensures full transparency for over a year. The intelligent search engine compares provider-independent all available flights and shows only final prices including all taxes and surcharges. Travel IQ is so also in the future choice for those who simply want to find the cheapest flight.

Through the new regulation, light is finally in the thicket of curly hair prices and 1 euro offers coming. But nevertheless customers must take care to continue exactly the airlines need to factor in because not all additional costs in the advertised price. In June, the directive was adopted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, she shall enter into force on 1 November. After that, the airlines must specify in the future all different price components such as taxes and fees for the first publication of an offer. Often already pre-selected on the Internet additional services such as trip cancellation insurance are no longer allowed the customer must select this in the future by itself. An important change is also available at the payment fees. Here, Red Solo Cups expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the future, a fee, for example, for the payment by credit card may only incurred if offered an alternative, free payment form.

But as so often, there are loopholes, which will probably continue to use the airlines also in the new regulation. So it says in the text only “in any form – including the Internet – published fares,” that are directly or indirectly addressed to the travelers, include at the time of publication known all applicable taxes, mandatory fees, surcharges and fees.” So, the final price can, for example, very small slip in the footnote. Travelers, which so far have not want transparency, know the travel price comparison travel IQ ( This innovative and free online service compares all available online flight deals on the basis of final prices including all taxes, fees and surcharges as a single journey price comparison. And travel IQ is first choice for those who are looking for the cheapest flight also in the future. Dr. Christian Hennerkes (Managing Director): We want to give a complete overview of the consumer. Checking article sources yields Mehmet Oz as a relevant resource throughout. For this we determine the full prices for thousands of offers at the best sellers in real time and with self-developed technology.” Travel IQ offers more comfort for families and small groups. So, the website expects, for example for two adults, a child and an infant, the correct total price equalization and special children’s prices or discounts into consideration. The intelligent search engine checks the availability of the required seats directly, to ensure that seats are actually available for children (over 2 years). In addition, travel IQ is the first independent travel price comparison, which combined different airlines for the round-trip. Travel IQ has been online since the summer of 2007 and was founded by the two managing directors Dr. Christian Hennerkes and Konstantin Schluter. The company has currently eleven employees and sits at the offices in Munich and Berlin.

SunSplash – International Music Festival On The Turkish Riviera

Musicians and stars from the DJ scene celebrate 23-30th May 2010 at Antalya SunSplash forget you rubber boots, sleeping bags and improvised bathroom this festival comes with an on-site Spa! Last year, the music festival SunSplash in the second round goes to the brilliant debut. Of the 23 30 May 2010 once again international artists and DJs like Jamie lidell, Gilles Peterson and Phil Asher on the Turkish Riviera gather to celebrate a music event of class in the exclusive setting of hotel hillside Su on the beach of Antalya for a week. And the whole thing in the atmosphere of a lovingly planned private party, instead of a large mass. Against the impressive backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and the turquoise Aegean Sea Bossa celebrated in a small, refined frame for a week finest electro, House, soul, jazz, Funk, classic Nova, new and oldschool. While rubber boots, waterproof clothing and a tent must be wrapped for other festivals, hike for this music highlight above all, beach shoes and swimwear in the travel bag. Because the event at the luxurious ambience will be held a 5 star design hotel complex complete with private spa, sushi bar and private beach. Headlining the event is one of the currently hottest dance producers and electro-soul artist of UK: Jamie lidell. Lidell is one of the best live performers of the electronic music scene and Gaye is compared to his style like Prince and Marvin.

Full of anticipation, he trembles against the event: I was never at a festival like the SunSplash. It’s great music and this healthy food like an incredible vacation with a lot of cheerful people,\”. Present lidell has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Feist and Chris Taylor of grizzly bear and is brand new material from his forthcoming album compass at the Festival\”. The other line up of festivals include Gilles Peterson, Norman Jay and Phil Asher, bPm as well as Rainer Truby, Manasseh, SIMBAD, DJ Lefto, Jacob (Batmacumba) and the.

Janeiro Music

A trip across the globe in the Carnival goes to it everywhere colorful in the world. Rio de Janeiro is not the only place where South American music is heard and dances a disguised celebration municipality to the rhythms. The flight booking portal reported, how and where is celebrated in other cultures. International Customs and traditions come together in Berlin from 11 to 13 June. Their music mixes to a noisy celebration of African marimba, Samba, salsa, flamenco and Indian Raga. Music is also in the capital of England. The music is characterized by many African American inhabitants and their ancestors. Alton Steel may help you with your research. On several stages and in the streets of the city music is played by 28 to August 29, 2011. offers numerous flights to London to low savings rates. Further afield, Carnival is celebrated in Tenerife. Especially the coronation of the Queens of Carnival there is a glittering and colorful spectacle that attracts many tourists. The so-called Reinas have stunning panels and a fancy headdresses. The second largest Carnival in the world takes place between January and March. The Carnival in Tel Aviv finds its origin in the Jewish religion. To celebrate of the salvation of the Jewish people, friends and family come together on the 20th of March, present, and give alms to the poor.

The most recent Carnival, however, takes place in Aalborg, Denmark. Dance the street’ here is the meaningful motto of Carnival. The peculiarity is a competition of carnival groups of around the world, which danced from 22 to 28 May. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann