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They help authors, professional and fruitful to develop a manuscript and fashion. Meanwhile numerous renowned companies, magazine, newspaper and book publishers, universities, research institutions, consultancies u.v.m. among the customers of tredition. In a few simple steps, you can publish your book. And already after a few days it is available in the trade. All titles are in classic bookstores nationwide and commerce and e-book available at all major retailers (for sale on all book trade route). Let’s browse tredition Web site. From the mystery/thriller about literature to science fiction/fantasy/horror, poetry/poetry, cookbooks to kids and teens books for each personality something is. Your questions please contact: tredition GmbH Mittelweg 177 20148 Hamburg company information: Jutta Schutz (writer/author, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge.