International Forum

Consulting as a scientific discipline. Zurich, April 8, 2011 the international forum of the Advisory Science (IFBW) was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in October 2010. The IFBW is a private research institution, which provides a platform for exchanging scientific researchers. Subject of IFBW is consulting as a scientific discipline. The IFBW closes the gap of […]

Many Federal

Proximity to the day of German unity 2010 in Bremen / the German Bundestag and the Federal Government presented tent landscape in Losberger on 2 and 3 October Germany celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the reunification. This year, the free and Hanseatic City of Bremen directed the Central celebrations for the day of German unity. […]

Enjoy Innovation

An object of desire, and that even at first glance: The PURISME brand for design products made of carbon in the luxury segment. A new, exciting approach to the smoke: PURISME presents PIPE. Design that twisted the head. The delicate combination of refined Straightgrain Brier with the hi-tech material carbon creates an irresistible aura. Gently […]