Our Music

OUR MUSIC music this always present in our lives. Recently Mehmet Oz sought to clarify these questions. I do not imagine a world without music. It passes the time and some songs are recorded in the memory of all we. I am in the phase of the 4,0 and you would serve as apprentice them to the times and employees of catch to the public prosecutor’s office hearing me young guard. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as PI Industries by clicking through. I cannot forget when the high falante of a fabric store of my native city touched ' ' calhambeque' ' , of Roberto Carlos. About my devaneios I thought I eat I can the Robert have a thousand girls wanting to walk in its car and nor one made use to walk in the crupper of my bicycle. At the time he would have to be with ten years and for certain he would not go to support to pedalar for two people. Music also can register one old passion.

In mine in case that, never I forgot that melody it New Clothes. ' ' If you see stars excessively you remember that a dream return behind does not arrive close and says: ' ' Angel! ' '. If you feel the body glue you free its fear to devagar well arrive close and say: ' ' Angel! ' ' Well more close he says: ' ' Angel! ' '. It touched music and my heart ached for cause of the young woman. It saw and nor wise person to me who I existed. Later other young woman encasquetou that I liked it, but that my shyness did not leave me to say what felt, in this in case that, were not truth. According to it, my music was another one of the New Clothes.

' ' To confess without fear to lie that in you I found inspiration to write You are person who nor I that feels love but do not know very as well as I go to say ' '. Already in the college, a girl offered a music to me that said: ' ' I want that he scratches out my name of its agenda forgets my telephone does not bind more because already I am tired of being the remedy pra to cure its tdio, when its loves to me do not satisfy it ' ' . New they can have seen this letter in the voices of Bruno and Marone, but at the time it was success of the Hard Stop Trio. My great corresponded passion was not the Letcia Sabatela and our music was codinome kisses flower, of the Cazuza.' ' Pra that to lie to dissimulate that it pardoned to try to be friends without rancor. The emotion finished that coincidence is the love ours music never more touched ' '. It made romantic pair with ngelo Antunes and in the novel it had the name of ' ' Flor&#039 kisses; '. Letcia Sabatela, ' ' Delight, delight to thus kills me There you if catch I you, there there if I catch you ' ' , music of Michel Tel.