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Topics on the edge of which I & you make this relationship, as a tribute to the legendary Music Festival “Woodstock”, which took place from 14 to 17 August 1969 on a farm in the United States Album original and colorful. The autobiographical text about the dreams that has left them with growing up behind them, and the dreams, it’s too late for that, were the basic idea. “Woodstock” is the first good mood climax. “SERRE MOI, BERCE MOI, AIME MOI”. The highlight of it all have been waiting for. Not an another cover from the Trickiste “so beautiful, so old unnd so forgotten, no, 2011 there is the love song mutating to the Evergreen”Kiss me, hold me, love me”in the French language.” Since the speech was by Princesses and heroes set surfaced again and again, in the always carried idea Blotter. “MY HERO IS FAVOR.” It’s actually about the psychology of men.

Their image in society and to Schwachlichkeit itself. In fact, this topic employs young women who suffer under the apparent callousness of young men. At the Disco is firstly not danced and talked about issues not… This caliber just but not disappear, although is the modern Man quite feminine, maintained and presented more or less soul-deep ice is hard and the case of fatal to the person who has lost his heart. A strong woman could stop the stretched fabric. Man can believe BBs. What can we say to this song? Either it fits in a radio rotation on the sweeping Schlager party. More it’s a song that you would like to listen to at 4 A.m.

to a glass of red wine. “On the day” meant the moments in which we, never can fly over life as usual. This a golden lesson to recognize its structure and similarly sees the condition of the others with its own. A divine feeling of security in this chaos. Follow your own truth! “” Ella sings: “he who laughs last, laughs best.” Ella “Four summer and an autumn” describes as a personal key song for composing songs. George karfukel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “Only crazy people or couples are so brutally honest.” She has experienced BBs and detained. An accident love opened her eyes a few years ago. “I found that I really loved, but it was too late”. “My last LIEBESLIIED” if it is now experiencing has been or not, doesn’t matter here. The last, mostly magic, an album sometimes top end or insensitive flopende last song comes with an incredible understanding of drama in words and music around the corner. Summary Norbert must be celebrated here finally as guardians of harmony, which builds the locks, by the young, raw talent can flow. If musicians say: “I was always a Lennon, not McCartney”, then of course Ella very closely.