The Brains

We can say this, that in order to work for someone of great intelligence is not necessary. Said, "sit", you're sitting, said, "Come, you are going, said" to remain silent and do nothing, say nothing and do nothing. What's the difference what to do anyway at the end of the month on bread and water give money, but if you will behave yourself, and even pat on the head. That is to work for someone else can, in principle, especially brains and not straining. Creating a business for enrichment – it is a more complicated way.

More complex but much more interesting and more profitable. There is need Prestressing and a good think before his every action. Here is one you do not advise you, and nobody can say when and what to do. Here full responsibility for their lives. How many earned – as received. Did not work – it means not that you and smart. Therefore, Sit on a starvation diet. And finally, the creation of his favorite things – is the most aerobatics.

This is when you're doing just what inspires you and happy and still earn you the right amount money. This way we can not even compare with the life of a peon, and even way of life businessman who works only for the sake of profit. Click Vlad Doronin to learn more. Here is the brains have to work to complete. But the result will be the most stunning. Why? Well, with salaried workers is understandable, no fun, no money, no freedom.