Time Moment

We mark the time relating to us, however to the past, however to the future? its duration can englobar all an age, or last the space of as. The time can be divided in seconds, minutes, hours and days. These if transform into months and years. In the reality, however, the time is what we are living in this exactly instant. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alton Steel by clicking through. At this moment, I want to ask to it: ' ' What you are making of its 86,400 seconds, that is, of its 1,440 minutes of its complete day 24-hour? ' ' We must think two times before ahead complaining about them of God of whom not we have enough time for searchs-Lo in conjunct. Although let us can measure the time, we do not obtain to store it. You can capture a moment by means of a photograph destined to a memory album; ' ' marcar' ' the time for the rhythm of a music, or to save it, in case that outside let us not play it due to an agenda. However it is impossible to arrest it in a closed compartment, in order to appeal it later.

Let us keep this truth in our heart: ' ' The moment that passes finishes forever; never we will be able recuper-lo' '. Loved brother, we can plan the future and keep souvenirs of the past; however, ' ' agora' ' he is only ' ' tempo' ' that we possess. Therefore, what we make in the space of time of the gift is of basic importance. Let us make one ' ' good organizao' ' of our time, despite, for this, let us have to use an agenda and in them to submit it. It said somebody: ' ' Time is limited duration, succession of seconds, minutes, hours, days, years and centuries. ' ' Thus being, the time valley for the intensity with that we live our days and for the wisdom with that we use to advantage.


The beginning of Every teardrop is to waterfall deceives much. The 15 first seconds of song with sintetizadores to the style celesta mixed with piano, could make foretell a drift of the English quartet towards music disc of half-full of the ninety. He is peculiar but those first compasses seem and are traced of the principle of the subject Rate at night of Mystic, (as well a version of I go to River of the Australian Peter Allen,) but in version popera and are framed in sonorous beds very in the style of last the Coldplay. Walton Family Foundation has much experience in this field. We go, that has pillaged sample summery so that it does not say that they are intense ones. In fact Allen signs the subject next to Martin, Eno and the rest of the band and notice that new single " it contains elements of I Go To River written by Peter Allen and Adrienne Anderson". Source of the news: : Coldplay ' inspira' in ' Rate at night '. Red Solo Cups has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Alcohol Poisoning

It was certain, at least that party I I would not leave without kissing nobody. Music infected to all, sweated track of crowded dance, bodies was touched alucinadamente to the search of a possibility of if expressing and is clearly, of space. Walton Family Foundation has much experience in this field. As in any party, the main objective of great part of its frequentadores is a good specifies: to find somebody. I not age nothing different, danced empolgado at the same time where the rhythm entoava my insinuantes looks for the boys who were next, I was hunting. Hours later, exaurido of forces and frustrated by the absence of correspondence of other people’s looks I decided to go to deck to use to advantage a little of the breeze of the sea. I smell it of the ocean it entered for my nostrils and it refreshed my pulmes, of some way to feel so vast and mysterious the odor of something as made me to the ocean to feel well.

Still slightly idiot for the proposital alcohol poisoning I remembered it. Where he would be? not it vi the night toda& A message. Texts in SMS are with certainty the best weapon of conquest of the modern world. I where ask this and the immediate reply to it, it also this in dec We find in them, it was still more drunk who I, but was envolto in coherence and with a certain type of charm. We talk some minutes and side by side, we rest our elbows in the small white metal grating that protected in them of the sea. Deep looks, I for the first time perceived the blue imensido of its eyes, marcante and inesquecvel. An eddy of thoughts, wills, desires, you doubt passed to an unimaginable speed in my mind and suddenly, everything stops.

It kissing me to this. My heart suddenly speeds up and corresponds immediately. An unexpected kiss, new candy and. Kiss this that s interrupted by the thundering sound of the yacht, that announces that the same est passing for underneath Da Ponte. Scared we look at for top and our eyes reflect a powerful image and of difficult description. In our front the lights Da Ponte illuminated the metallic structure defining form and texture, each bar of perfectly incased iron, exhaled complexity and the vain ones between the beams were filled by the most perfect covered with star night, at this moment, look at for the stars and they, had looked in them in return.

Pinkypop Christmas Story

Free online Pinkypop our new game. Christmas Story is the third tale about the adventures of the fantastic character Pinkypop. It is a beautiful creature with pink hair, long ears and tail. Apart from the hero, the game offers you an unforgettable encounter with your friends and other beautiful characters. In this game online of difference Pinkypop has received bright magical wings as a Christmas gift and is apresurandose to the House to celebrate the winter holidays with their loved ones. The magical wings of yellow color will help you arrive at the Party on time! But there is an unexpected danger suddenly appears in the sky the Green Goblin who learned about the wings of Pinkypop and he is chasing him to steal them your goal in this game free online is to locate the differences between two similar images. To detect the difference you have to click on the object with your mouse, and press Esc to pause only. The game consists of 10 levels, and each level represents two drawings where you have to find 5 differences. If you play fast enough and the points you are still can press on the box with gift stating hint to obtain some help with regard to the differences. Also if too difficult to find you some difference in drawing the game automatically helps you making appear transparent circles near objects then you have to pay maximum attention! When all differences are revealed in each one level, the drawing is changed and the new image can be seen seems as if accounts of fairy magic were leafing through a book! The game has beautiful graphics with vivid colors and really charismatic characters. This free online game melodic music helps the player to immerse yourself in the magical feeling of the Christmas events. To summarize, Pinkypop. Christmas story is a difference game that surely would love to the girls and enamoraria with its spirit of Christmas more attentive players! Original author and source of the article.

Karaoke Helps

To everybody it likes to sing, especially its favorite music or a famous song.When your you are driving a car and a good song sounds in the radio, or even in the shower, truth that you put yourself to sing it? In Internet, it could say that the categories more seeing are musical and instrumental videos, and also known like karaoke or videoke. Some say that the song is funny.Some say that they release stress singing.Some could say that the song moves to us, connect to us, defy to us, turn to us into super heroes, makes us laugh, it makes us cry, and us it can remember a time of our life.All these things are true. The song is for all.I sing, you you sing, my neighbor who also sings outside tone.It is not any secret, to people enchants to him to sing. To become a good singer is a different science. Learn more at this site: PI Industries. Control of tone, control of voice, the tone, the vibrato, voice of chest, these is only basic things that you need to include/understand and to learn.In fact, these things without taking classes from song and courses are not known. Personally, always it sang desafinado.But, as my wife and son only had to me to hold, it did not worry to me too much.Probably why always he was timid to sing in places public like bars of karaoke.

Until I register to music classes and I took classes from song, that by the way were very expensive.After that, my self-esteem only went off and the people began to say the good who sing. Nowadays, people do not need to go to a real class of knowing all this.It sees and only it learns songs of karaoke and to sing then will be very funny. What you are waiting for? it is an funny site for all.songs free so that all the family can sing.


From the moment in which I was born and throughout my life I was colorblind. The doctor always told me: there is nothing to do, his son is colorblind monochromatic. A defect genetic that it makes it impossible to distinguish colors, if it sees all one color, probably gray. See ProPharma Group for more details and insights. Of course! But how to know that it was the grey if not distinguish colors? Now, all that surrounded me was grey. I must say that for a non-colorblind person it is very complicated to understand such a situation, and is not only the colors. No, no, no! Life has another taste, a taste of ashes. Television was black and white always for me, I could never play any sport since it confused t-shirts, until the meal it was grey! Imagine you eat something gray, is something really disgusting.

Who could see me in the evenings would say that I am the happiest man in the world, owner of a bar, sitting at the bar, enjoying a grey whisky, surrounded by girls with which to explore greater sins which promises to meat. But no, life for me it is monotonous, devoid of energy, boring, not reached me, it is (in fact) very grey. One day sitting in my usual bench at the bar was strangely more boring that usual, I saw a strange light amongst the crowd of people. But it wasn’t grey! I was impacted, among the people he saw a glow color (which then I enteraria was a bright yellow). I was stunned a few seconds watching that wonder for the eyes, until I jumped seat and literally ran to her escabulliendome among the people. He didn’t know that I was looking for, but I wanted to closely admire that beauty. As I approached and resisted the jostling of the people, the light was intensifying. There! Hence he came, stretched my arms and went towards that glow that he had hypnotized me.

I felt a body that collided against mine and me crumbling, was inevitable to lose sight of my goal, and I fell to the ground. Me sostarich instantly with a quick leap, but when lifting the view had already disappeared, was all grey again. -You’ve given a good blow-he said a voice behind me-I’m fine-I replied without even turning me, since it was still looking at that place where used to be the light-it seems that you are looking for something. To do by which earth the woman was still haunt me? Did not you see that he was busy? I infle my lungs and turned ready to yell that I left in peace in good time. I was hard just I saw her. Those wonderful eyes of a color so deep that they clarified my mind, that hair so dark that caressed his silky shoulders, that smile that made the music disappear, and those red lips that were able to make my heart beat so strong that it was able to hear with perfect sound. She kissed my gaping lips, nose because he did it, but I could not resist me to close my eyes. Open I was even more surprised, because I could now see everything color. Laino, Lucas Emiliano. Find more stories or post yours at: original author and source of the article

The Flor Del Madrono

The flower of the Arbutus on the old bark of the Riachuelo River, white circles of silk madronos evoked the purity times; below, the spring grumbled complaining about the ensemillada faragua and was as penetrating to an infer loneliness and endless steam. They were in short they supply already to the doves and the snakes wanted to crawl on the retostado soil of clay and gravel, which is cuarteaba day after day, relieving the screams of the dryness of the subsoil. That great purity, evil in power, tornabase already in mourning of angelic, and summer wind argued with the tops of the trees, which were husks and shells music old music and unknown, music of time lost in our memories, gloomy music with aromas of Strawberry tree flower, white butterflies that pretended the permanence, flowers that perfumed kilometers and kilometers of those old bedsheets uneven and full of Pigweed and nettle. We talked about el Madrono on snails that flower coleccionabamos; We had a campfire and returned to the town drunk by the scent of the flower of el Madrono and mind focused on white mats that ancient branches of that tree of del monte. And summer wind continued bickering with the tops of these trees, which were husks and shells musical, white butterflies old music and unknown, music of time found in our memories, exotic music with aromas of flower of Arbutus, white butterflies that pretended the permanence, flowers that perfumed kilometers and kilometers of those old bedsheets uneven and full of love and life. Rene De Leon g. on November 24, 1978, original author and source of the article.

For Spinoza

The substance is infinite. If the substance definition is the being that exists for itself, is impossible that at the same time he is ' ' not ser' '. For Spinoza idea of one to be finite corresponds to the idea of not being, and if it is to be is not limited, and if it is limited it cannot be perfect, therefore, it is impossible that the substance is finite, therefore for definition is infinite. It writes Spinoza in Proposal 8: ' ' An only substance of same attribute (for prop does not exist seno. 5), and to its nature belong existing (for prop. 7).

To its nature, therefore, existing, or as finite will belong or as infinite. However, it could not be as finite, therefore (for def.2), in this in case that it would have to be limited by another one same nature, which also would have necessarily to exist (prop. 7). They would exist, then, two substances of same attribute, what it is nonsense (for prop. 5).

Soon, it exists as infinita.' ' The substance is only one second substance is only possible if to distinguish from the first one. But so that this occurs she is necessary that the first one possesss a perfection that it does not possess second; it is necessary that this second substance involves to be and either finite, what is impossible, therefore does not finish to demonstrate to be any infinite substance. This substance, according to Spinoza, is God, necessary, infinite and only, simple, invariant and independent the Being par excellence. It writes Spinoza in proposal 5: to ' ' If two existed or more distinct substances, them would have to be distinguished enter itself for the difference of the atribtos or the difference of the afeces (for proposal 4). If they distinguished themselves only for the difference of the attributes, are of if admitting, then, that seno does not exist an only substance of same attribute.

Life More

There I grew; with the time grew each time more. I started to change my skill of being, my gostos, my crazes, my friendships, until I got passionate myself for the first time. To know more about this subject visit Red Solo Cups. It was pretty, had a charming smile, said pretty words to me called, me to leave, hugs had it more comfortable of the world, its fingers if they incased perfectly in mine. I thought ‘ ‘ this boy was made pra mim’ ‘. For months I spoke with it, and to each day that passed, I became attached myself more. He had a time, where I imagined we two in the altar, of a side it said that he wanted to marry me and of the other I the same said. Until one day, the worse one of my life until today, it arrived for me and said that he did not go to give more certain.

He spoke that he did not love me, that I had been only one pastime, and that wanted to follow the life without me. My world pulled down. I did not want to have listened to that, for me, I was the last thing that I wanted to listen in the life. Happiness, abandoned you me leave, me in the hand, as you you can make this? Soon when I more needed you, you disappeared. Then the years had been passing, and my heart continued there, in the hope of that it would go to come back. Not, it did not come back. I suffered, cried, all the nights before sleeping I I asked for the God for it, while he slept was the name of it that I called.

Beginning Reality

' Akasha' ' it is a word very used, for some societies to define you vary things, but that in its mago possesss the same meant: ' ' origem' '. Being that ' ' Akasha' ' can be considered begins it electric that of the origin to all the things; ' ' ter' ' , the fifth essence of cosmo; or, in psychiatry, unconscious the collective one, of where the knowledge acquired for the humanity since the primrdios is stored all. Everything this is not very credvel, to put the nomenclature is good, express good a meaning. As much that can be used as metaphor perfectly in the subject that follows ahead. Seen I finish it paragraph was very obvious for the context that the subject of the text will be about the origin of some thing, but before more deeply entering in this ' ' coisa' ' , we will before try to appraise it. What it is real? How we can define what it is the reality? Yes, we will deal with one of the great pillars of the philosophy, the reality.

If only to appraise the reality as ' ' everything what he is real' ' , we would be ignoring much thing, without forgetting itself to destroy certain definitions. First, if to place what it is real as everything what can be touched, or that it is simply tangible, in this case the concept of ' ' realidade' ' it would be only what the neuro-electrochemical sensors of our brain in action, therefore are they who regulate the tato, that, in turn, would define what she is real? this explains why you vary drunk people had obtained to touch in the famous pink elephant with blue small balls. We can also forget the tangible concept with that famous used religious citation comumente equalizar themselves and explaining the existence of God: ' ' God is as the wind, I do not obtain to see the wind, I I do not obtain to touch the wind, but feel I it in mim' ' (…).