Beginning Reality

' Akasha' ' it is a word very used, for some societies to define you vary things, but that in its mago possesss the same meant: ' ' origem' '. Being that ' ' Akasha' ' can be considered begins it electric that of the origin to all the things; ' ' ter' ' , the fifth essence of cosmo; or, in psychiatry, unconscious the collective one, of where the knowledge acquired for the humanity since the primrdios is stored all. Everything this is not very credvel, to put the nomenclature is good, express good a meaning. As much that can be used as metaphor perfectly in the subject that follows ahead. Seen I finish it paragraph was very obvious for the context that the subject of the text will be about the origin of some thing, but before more deeply entering in this ' ' coisa' ' , we will before try to appraise it. What it is real? How we can define what it is the reality? Yes, we will deal with one of the great pillars of the philosophy, the reality.

If only to appraise the reality as ' ' everything what he is real' ' , we would be ignoring much thing, without forgetting itself to destroy certain definitions. First, if to place what it is real as everything what can be touched, or that it is simply tangible, in this case the concept of ' ' realidade' ' it would be only what the neuro-electrochemical sensors of our brain in action, therefore are they who regulate the tato, that, in turn, would define what she is real? this explains why you vary drunk people had obtained to touch in the famous pink elephant with blue small balls. We can also forget the tangible concept with that famous used religious citation comumente equalizar themselves and explaining the existence of God: ' ' God is as the wind, I do not obtain to see the wind, I I do not obtain to touch the wind, but feel I it in mim' ' (…).

Choosing A Wedding Bouquet

Wedding – one of the most exciting and memorable events of life. On this wonderful day, very gentle, very happy to be unique and, of course, the bride. In its way it should be great: and makeup, and hairstyle, and wedding dress. The culmination of all this beauty, of course, is the bride's bouquet, which will go further and question. Brides bouquet is different bouquets of its elegance, decor, tenderness and shape. Bridal bouquet – A very special bouquet, because his every woman dreams to take from the hands of her fiance.

The latter, gives the bride a bouquet, not only, but also his love. Beautiful and unique bridal bouquet will decorate wedding photos and videos are memories that will last for years. That is why the bride's bouquet should be ordered in advance, specify in detail all the nuances of its preparation. A bouquet is selected, so that harmony with it dress and hair style bride. Every florist who makes wedding bouquets, give you a choice of different types of bouquets, where if you wish, you can change some details.

When ordering a bride's bouquet included wishes, first of all, the bride. According to her wishes are selected elements of decoration, color, size and shape of the bouquet. Now there is a huge variety of design options and making wedding bouquets and among this variety every bride will choose for themselves the right bouquet. A professional florist can help and advise council to choose what kind of flower that he was pleased with the bride and groom and all guests at the wedding of his freshness and originality. This bouquet will escort the bride from the very beginning of the ceremony until the end of the celebration. Throughout the wedding bouquet gives the bride happy, but at the end of the wedding, he serves as a baton carried on the new bride. When choosing a wedding bouquet can be ordered more decorations such as flowers for the bride's hair and hands that perfectly complement the image of the bride. We should not forget about the buttonhole for the groom, it is small bouquet made of the same color as the main bunch. Such an important event like a wedding, guests must be remembered, and most importantly the newlyweds. And do not skimp on those things that make this holiday joyful bright and cheerful. Fresh flowers can decorate a wedding car, a hall for the ceremonies, the hall for a wedding banquet, and of course the holiday table. Decorated with fresh flowers wedding car, a hall for the ceremony, the hall for a wedding banquet, banquet tables will fill the day with vivid colors and pleasant experiences.


So who is God? We ask this question myself since childhood and can not realize who he was. We go to church, pray, pray for forgiveness sins, and then repeat them, light candles, drink the holy water, buy an icon. See clergy think that only through them, we communicate with God. Our minds are dimmed, as if we all fell asleep at once and forgotten. Ranit because people do not communicate with him through an intermediary, but now? Now what? Today we do not understand the truth, and do not want to understand.

God is Ecumenical perfect mind, a cluster of universal energy, it is love. It must be love, thanks for everything. He's like our hermaphrodite parent, and how he can wish us harm, to punish us? Now you have a question: If he us so fond of, then why do people get sick and suffer? I will try to explain it. The fact is that through the pain he communicates with us, he wants to put us on the right path, suggests that we are doing something wrong, our lifestyle, our thinking and limited world view, he wants us to show it, makes it clear that we need to improve, the way in which we go is a path of destruction, and it leads us only into the abyss. Many ask, why not see it? If he there is, then let him show himself. We see it in the sun, grass, earth, water, all beautiful and perfect. We feel it intuitively always close, but realize it's just a difficult situation where we suddenly became ill and well, when all problems have disappeared and it was the peace and quiet. Only after this shake-up, we realize the truth and understand it.

The Objectives

But we always insist on limiting everything the objectives, intentions or something similar, (antropomorphus). We always try to force one human control, with all our changeable limits and principles. the life, simply, follows its free course of aid () or obstacle (). Independent of pain, joy we are enclosed in the set of foods, feeders, predators This valley for other forms and perceptions: Forces: nuclear, electromagnetic, gravitational (black substance, dark energy, black hole, horizon of eventos=posies of space/time). After all in the deep one, in the deep one, it is all flour of the same bag.

Any life that a way produces, is evident, will be the perfection for creates. as everything interacts in Infinite participation the way is the observvel, not it essence. Therefore it is easy to only conclude that the universe is alive, – and only, we perceive when &#039 to it; ' one meio' ' it produces some similar ours (bio). The necessary structural junction for the formation of vegetal the animal life/ is the same one for the other forms. Concluding: Please they help our BROTHERS of place-time-space that possesss minor instinctive evolution that we (whales, bulls, tigers, oxen, jegues, donkeys, pigs, birds, fish, amphibians). Some of them are better that we (superior), in many aspects, and possess Right the Life the same, in the same ratio (they feel pain).

To enslave them or to treat them as you scheme unprovided of directions, I do not know the adjective to characterize. To find that we are more ' ' valiosos' ' for the Infinite set he is at least hilrio. This yes is racial preconception. We know that the law is to eat ones to the others, to continue, (is the reason of our origin) but the form for which conscientiously we kill, we enslave and ' ' criamos' ' our Brothers are monstrous.


The upper part of the cornice, walking on the ceiling, must be firmly mate with him. This part of the ceiling should nasech and before pulling out a well-wetted with water. Best stuff on the ceiling, nails and oplesti their wire. Nail-heads at This should not be up to the front surface traction at 20 millimeters. Inserting into the rules of the template determines the thickness of the plaster gallop. If it is thicker than 50 millimeters, you should fill oplesti their nails and wire, and cap nails should be drowned in the thick of the solution to 20 millimeters.

Then, between the rules of plaster moistened with water and throw a mortar scratch coat creamy thickness. After his seizure put a layer of solution (soil) is the same density, but not thicker than 10 millimeters. For each application layer solution must stretch template. When pulling the template profile board cuts excess solution, forming a profile cornice. Pattern should lead smoothly to the pressure on the bottom right and without interruption.

After each pull-rule pattern, in particular the profile board, clear of the solution. Grunt cornice pull until until a perfectly smooth pull without shells, roughness, with exactly the elongated bummer. Pulling primer template are forward side-bound steel roofing. Steel Profile easier cuts off all the speakers and does not place traction grow (come forward). Otraschivanie traction occurs only in the lime-plaster solutions due to the increase in the amount of gypsum. After pulling the last minute after 5 – 10 template again stick to the rules and hold them for another two or three times 'Isser', while strongly pressed to the template rules. This drawing 'on tearing off'. It is necessary to pattern freely passed on to the rules, and between the elongated primer cornice and profile board has turned the space into 2 – to 3 millimeters solution. Pulling should be done together. One leads template, pressing it firmly to the rules and traction, while the other holds the pattern of a falcon, collecting his cut profile board solution that is applied to traction.

Diets Vegetarian

The most widely used material for criticism of veganism and crudiveganismo is bent in an entity specifically to the subject, which maintains the website “Beyond Vegetarianism.” These claims suggest, ultimately, the fundamental issue that is the question of whether the scheme vegan, and crudivegano, or not enough nutrients in the long term. However, the crudiveganismo replies that a well-planned vegan diet, including crudivegana, artificially supplemented with vitamin B12 as a precautionary measure, it is sufficiently nutritious, as show-or cr-help, first, the specific report American Dietetic Association: “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association Appropriately planned vegetarian diets That, Including vegan or total vegetarian diets, are healthful, nutritionally AYP, and May Provide Health Benefits in the Prevention and Treatment of Certain diseases.Well-planned vegetarian diets are Appropriate for Individuals During all stages of the life cycle, Including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for Athletes. “American Dietetic Association, United States of America. Position of the American Dietetic Association: Vegetarian Diets. Volume 109, Issue 7, Pages 1266-1282, July 2009. Secondly, the crudiveganismo answers with personal testimonies, for example, Gabriel Cousens, MD, have practiced expressing healthy since 1983 and Belshazzar the “Balta” Lorenzo, who declares to have applied since 1990 to one hundred percent and be in perfect health

Different Cuisines

Horsemeat the Crimean Tatars, in contrast to other Tatars, cooking is not accepted. But they are perfectly cooked beef and lamb, such delicious dishes as samsa, barbecue and Sarma can be found in all restaurants of the Crimea. And after the deportation of Crimean Tatars in the diet there are many dishes of Uzbek cuisine (Lagman, manta rays, rice). Incidentally the word barbecue in the Russian language has come from the Tatar word shish-face. Tatars have a festive meal and it is usually served with red wine. Greeks immigrated to the Crimea in several waves, and left its mark in its history, culture and cuisine.

Greek cuisine is distinctive and interesting. At the same time, her recipes are simple to prepare and very original. The most favorite foods in the Greek cuisine are fish and vegetables, so this kitchen is so popular in the Crimea, as fish and vegetables abound in the Crimea. Jews have lived in the Crimea for a long time. Two small indigenous people of Crimea – Krymchaks (Crimean Jews) and the Karaites (they have even one religion, Judaism).

From Jewish cuisine is now available for public sweet black Jewish bread with garlic. And from the Karaite – Karaite pies and kubete which are widely distributed throughout the Crimea. It has long been in the Crimea Armenians live. They have a Crimean cuisine dishes such as Armenian lavash flat bread that is sold all over the Crimea. However as the Georgian and – is commonplace in the Crimea. The Spaniards appeared in Crimea is relatively new in 1940 – these were the families or are orphans of soldiers Republicans, but even for such short time they managed to make a contribution to the Crimean kitchen. The Germans settled in the Crimea by Catherine ii, and they were engaged mainly in agriculture and winemaking. For example, vinsovhoz "Golden Field" was based originally as Tsyurihtal. Of the German dishes are still very popular strudel (pieces of meat or meat wrapped in strips of dough and meat broth) or the Austrian strudel with apples. The first pizza in Crimea appeared in Sudak. There she was brought Genoese merchants who built a fortress. Besides pizza, they brought in the Crimean kitchen many other Italian dishes and wines. Also a strong influence on the Crimea has Turkish cuisine, Turkish coffee served in all Crimean stores. From the confusion of so many cultures Crimean cuisine has become so diverse and original.

Highest Woman

And there it comes the invitation from the agency dating free dating singles to flirt party, where I was waiting for a pleasant acquaintance with the charming ladies who, like me, eager to dating in real life, looking for a soul mate, his mate to build a family. And who also do not mind to place their dots on and in the relationship between a man and a woman. But in the end it all looks like a bride, and you sit is important as a lot at the auction and wait for when you will announce the highest price. Type if all came to dating for marriage, we can not simply relate to the very purpose of dating in real life, and always grind stone about the relationship between a man and a woman. And when starting a discussion on how to build a perfect relationship between a man and a woman, usually begins weighing the contributions of each participant in the age-old question of how strengthen the family. Is it possible to simply relate to the process of dating in real life as a romantic rendezvous? – You can of course! After all, any woman who is also interested in getting acquainted to create a family, and decides to leave dating someone over 30, or one that has nothing to expect from his agency dating free dating clubs, too, wants to know the views of their candidate for the role of partner in life between a man and naotnosheniya woman.

Ana Lee

Ana Lee not wise person what it was the love, until knowing Jhon. Palpitations in the chest, sweat and calafrios when the looks if crossed. I love it for Jhon grew to each as. It not wise person nothing on Jhon, everything what wise person was that seemed to be the being more perfect than existed. Jhon started to send it loving letters, with perpetual oaths and poetries. Certain time wrote to it: ‘ ‘ Ana Lee, Lee I deliver my love, Lee I deliver my heart, Lee I deliver everything, owner of mine paixo’ ‘. Believing that the love arrives, Ana Lee accepted the order of namoro of Jhon. Gotten passionate it lived to make happy Jhon.

Jhon although serious it corresponded to this love, however with arrogance. Peeter, better friend of Ana Lee, alerted to it that Jhon was not a good youngster. It wise person who Peeter hid a love for its person, then found that she was intrigues of the friend and moved away itself from it, magoando the heart of the youngster. Jhon knew of the occurrence and was until the house of Peeter, it attacked where it with words. Ana Lee, to each day was blinder of love for Jhon that did not perceive the quo badly this love made to it. Already it did not eat to keep the beautiful form for the demanding boyfriend.

It does not smile, not to enciumar the poor sensible boyfriend. Certain day, Peeter was sick. Ana Lee, with remorse to have abandoned the friend who always was to its side was to visit it. Arriving its house, she sighted it seated in its old wooden rocking holding a letter in the hands. She had the married appearance, and in the face, deep olheiras. Peeter to it sights Ana Lee smiled to it as if nothing it had passed and it extended the letter to it saying with a light whispered tone: ‘ ‘ I wise person who viria’ ‘.

Walk Always

I am liking to walk with you, you I am an excellent company. Thanks a lot for yielding some minutes of its life to be with me. The peace is with you! Reflecting on the miseries of the world and also of the many imperfections that can have, I am thinking what I can make, what you can make to brighten up the situations, to the times, constrangedoras that live most of the population of the world. You have the right of not wanting to become involved themselves with nothing, and to only take care of of its interests. Many people act thus.

In the maximum, she dedicates yourself to give to an assistance its family to it. But she will be that this is the sufficient? She thinks about this! You are who you go to decide what it is important for its life. Today, it is one day special is the day of its victory on all its difficulties. You can want to know because I say this. It happens that you are very special and the entire world conspires to its favor. It is enough that you keep good thoughts. always reveals good feelings stops with everything and with all, it does not matter situation.

It is a law spiritual! What you desire for the other you return pra. Then he desires the good! By the way, for saying in laws spirituals, a law exists, that is very important you always to give attention. It says who with the same measure that to judge the others, you will be judged. She gives attention well! If you have to say something or to think something regarding another person, either it who will be, remember, this exactly feeling you will be to the disposal of the other to condemn you. does not advance you to say that it was not this that you wanted to say or to think.