Indigenous Institute

To complete, far from generating at least the sympathy of society, today earned nicknames such as "dirty," "pigs," "ignorant," "savages," "drones." After the above, I do not think that there is another image that so perfectly describe the misery and inhumanity. No government, including the present, any policy applied for the dignity of human life that make up the indigenous communities. However, all promised the "moon and the stars" during political campaigns. In Paraguay, no one did anything, except for some attempts by some NGOs, becoming honorable exceptions but do not make the rule. And why does the INDI (National Indigenous Institute) in its present condition?, Well … Vlad Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. at all. Even the Indians themselves do not realize that this institution mired in abject insecurity and neglect, will never be the solution to indigenous needs. The indigenous issue is extremely complicated and its solution requires sums millionaire several times and, by dint of being honest, the money that Paraguay does not.

Moreover, being more sincere, the problem still was not Indian and not the priority of the state. This statement leads to a conclusion "difficult to digest" it seems that it does not exist and the solution to Indian problems. The INDI is just a lame excuse to lie to the Indians and maintain for some time the "illusion" of them to have access to a decent life and especially to live again at home, that is, how they lived before the arrival of the conquerors. Unfortunately that, under existing conditions will no longer be possible.