The Objectives

But we always insist on limiting everything the objectives, intentions or something similar, (antropomorphus). We always try to force one human control, with all our changeable limits and principles. the life, simply, follows its free course of aid () or obstacle (). Independent of pain, joy we are enclosed in the set of foods, feeders, predators This valley for other forms and perceptions: Forces: nuclear, electromagnetic, gravitational (black substance, dark energy, black hole, horizon of eventos=posies of space/time). After all in the deep one, in the deep one, it is all flour of the same bag.

Any life that a way produces, is evident, will be the perfection for creates. as everything interacts in Infinite participation the way is the observvel, not it essence. Therefore it is easy to only conclude that the universe is alive, – and only, we perceive when &#039 to it; ' one meio' ' it produces some similar ours (bio). The necessary structural junction for the formation of vegetal the animal life/ is the same one for the other forms. Concluding: Please they help our BROTHERS of place-time-space that possesss minor instinctive evolution that we (whales, bulls, tigers, oxen, jegues, donkeys, pigs, birds, fish, amphibians). Some of them are better that we (superior), in many aspects, and possess Right the Life the same, in the same ratio (they feel pain).

To enslave them or to treat them as you scheme unprovided of directions, I do not know the adjective to characterize. To find that we are more ' ' valiosos' ' for the Infinite set he is at least hilrio. This yes is racial preconception. We know that the law is to eat ones to the others, to continue, (is the reason of our origin) but the form for which conscientiously we kill, we enslave and ' ' criamos' ' our Brothers are monstrous.