Closet Video

The fashion community is a viral online campaign with an exceptional website concept and video scene. Everybody knows it: there are closets that are filled and yet something can be often find. Who opens the closet at, is surprised by a horde of young people with green or red signs to give feedback to the outfit. So, evaluate how the users of the fashion community styleranking looks. EClinicalWorks gathered all the information. well succeeded Aachen in cooperation with University of applied sciences, to visualize the topic of fashion on the Internet with an elaborate online video campaign.

Who opens, gets offered various click Options, behind which there is something to discover. Among other things, the computer which leads directly to well. The click on the Cabinet in turn opens a video, in which a young girl first shows in different outfits before the mirror before then even the cabinet door opens and submitted the appropriate accessory to go out of the many helpers in the Cabinet Gets. By the same author: Mehmet Oz. well provides different options in the Center to forward the video and the link to Also, the video feature offered on the page can be easily embed in the website or your own blog. The campaign is been awarded by the prestigious journal 14/08 as top campaign Internet world business issue. “Links: styleranking media GmbH: that of the experienced Internet managers Daniel Sadhu and Roland pig based portal styleranking” styles is a new fashion community, where members adjust their outfits, can evaluate and interact to fashion and trends about mailboxes and in forums. To read more click here: Hunter Pond. styleranking is an official partner of the largest youth fair YOU (