Reiki Ceiling

Thus, we achieve a diverse range of colors and textures surfaces. Reiki can be matte, glossy, mirror or mimic the natural wood. Get all the facts and insights with Solo Cups, another great source of information. Dimensions paneleyPotolochnye panels are available in different sizes. Their standard length from 2 to 4 meters, but some manufacturers offer Reiki to 6 meters. However, when you make a big halls and this length may be insufficient. Serious manufacturers suspended ceilings to solve such a problem by issuing Special connectors possible not only to dock the plane elements, but also make them monolithic.

When using high-quality panels with a perfect geometry of the joints is practically impossible to discern. And from the first rule of choosing slatted Ceiling: buy products only reliable manufacturers, the certificates of quality, and better if they are international. The width of the panel may be even more diverse: from 30 to 400 mm. Such a broad range will not only realize your design ideas, but also fulfill the ceiling without using a wall Additionally gathered slats or without cutting the whole along. Suffice it to measure the parameters of the room and count the number of options with panels of different widths.

However, the idea of the original design may suggest the presence of a ceiling system rails multiple sizes. Suspended sistemyPodvesnye systems consist of universal bus, connected to each other elements for splicing, and steel spokes, fixed to the ceiling. Sometimes in between set-clip hangers – they are used when necessary alignment the main ceiling and regulation of ceiling space. Tires have special openings for connection with spokes and grooves, which are latched ceiling panels.