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What is a liquid skin? Liquid skin – a reliable tool for the repair of products made of leather. Liquid skin created by water-alcohol based, which allows it to penetrate the skin perfectly, and in case of erroneous application easily wash it off the surface. In fact, the liquid product and skin become one! Liquid skin has excellent flexibility and sufficient strength. After application and drying, compression and crushing, product repairs its original shape. Does not require heat treatment! (Heating, drying, etc.).

What is a liquid skin? Liquid skin consists of 7 bottles of different colors, namely: (white, black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue) The volume of each jar of 17 ml, as well as from an empty jar for mixing colors, detailed instructions for use and color mixing table. When mixing colors is possible to obtain almost any desired color and shade products. What is the consumption of liquid skin? One jar of “liquid skin” can be repaired by about 100 square meters. see the leather surface at a thickness of applied layer 0.2 mm. One set of 7 colors can last about 30 – 90 repairs.

Anniversary New Royale Sailing Fashion

“Gaastra presents the new Copa del Rey collection 2011 to the famous Royal Regatta off Mallorca Berlin, the 13.07.2011 – the Copa del Rey sailing regatta off Mallorca this year will celebrate its 30th anniversary: as an official partner of the famous King race” from July 30 to August 6, Gaastra sportswear has designed the exclusive and limited Copa del Rey collection 2011. The Spanish Royal family including Queen Sofia and Prince Felipe were seen at the Copa del Rey last year in the exclusive sailing fashion from a Gaastra. This year’s 30th anniversary of the Copa del Rey regatta before Palma, the sailing Gaastra brand boasts special fashion highlights, which will allow the Royal Regatta in the anniversary year shine the more shine fashionable in the exclusive. The limited Copa del Rey collection 2011 occurs also in the official Gaastra online shop at The Spanish Royal family is expected also in this year to the Copa del Rey on Mallorca, where the Segelpassionierte of King Juan Carlos for health Reasons is unable to attend all announcements after.

She held since 1982 organized and today among sailors worldwide renowned and prestigious Copa del Rey in the Bay of Palma from the real Club Nautico de Palma (RCNP). Total going into the week from July 30 to August 6, 2011 about 100 participants from 18 countries from the elite of the sport of sailing at the start, including the famous Swan 45. This year, the Copa del Rey is once again the most important date in the calendar of the international sailing world and Spain itself on the occasion of their 30th anniversary and expected sailing professionals and friends with a special program during the anniversary week. Gaastra sportswear anchored with their new Copa del Rey sailing fashion 2011 fashion with a wide selection of exclusive sailing fashion: as the leading brand for high-quality maritime fashion, Gaastra presents special Copa del Rey 2011 Polo shirts with maritime patches, Velvet lettering, embroidery and limited edition logo. In addition to the polo shirt must have 2011 for this season, the collection ranges in addition of shirts and jackets, T-Shirts, Polo dresses up to swim shorts, Bermuda shorts, caps and bags. Sailing enthusiasts and friends high-quality maritime fashion, can the new limited Gaastra Copa del Rey collection 2011 for ladies, men and children from now easily online at in the official Gaastra shop secure. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines Mediterranean lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience. All current collections are done online under in the Gaastra store.

Hotel Olymp

Hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg offers all Spa intensive care never was a holiday at the hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg, in a healthy environment as important as it is today. Is now also a Urlausreise one not only to the good sound, she has become important, because a such time-out ensures recreation and for lasting health. The staff in the spa houses have long since recognized this and therefore the bookings increase significantly for several years because the economic crisis has not changed. The opposite is the case, because tourists who otherwise would chose an expensive South Sea vacation, have now realized that they find almost the same conditions at the hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg and incomparably more favourable prices. But Koobrzeg offers other benefits. The staff is English, so communication is easily possible.

In the spa houses of Poland’s spa guests enjoy their holidays certainly on the sea, only the temperatures are significantly cycle-friendly, so that is a such holiday also is ideal for seniors and families with children. Of course it has responded in Poland long ago, that the audience has increased and as it caters to many activities aimed at all ages the. Still paying attention in the electoral regions ensure that even the guests at Hotel Olymp II find Kolberg the quiet environment, they need to recover properly. The wide beaches offer also space for all tourists who want to spend much time there. Such a holiday to meet all claims. The pure leisure to spend the first days only on the sea. Should it rain yet once, Kolobrzeg is the opportunity to spend the whole day at the Spa in Olymp II hotel.

Many offers have barely enough time to enjoy the tasty dishes in the restaurant. Hotel Olymp II Koobrzeg can the tourists but also about the activities in the region learn. Travellers who are interested in the culture and history of Poland and also koobrzeg, find many offers. Active holiday-makers can in turn participate in the sports programs. Enjoy great popularity for example the mountain bike tours through the untouched forests and away from the trails. Also on the site there are information about the perfect stay in one of the beautiful Polish health resorts.

Ottensener Strasse

Why are just the amino acids for muscle building so important? No new muscle cell can be constructed without amino acids, because through their high nitrogen Mono-oxide content of the body is only able to build new muscle mass. Amino acids are especially significant in intensive training strength athletes, since they accelerate the regeneration process, stimulate the production of hormones, can improve the strength and endurance and prevent an energy deficit in a strenuous training. Itself, the body can not produce some amino acids. They are called therefore essential and must be carried out to athletes daily in sufficient quantity. Amino acid, however, is not the amino acid. The body attack BCAA capsules (consisting of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) are the most important among them. You conserve energy reserves, improve muscular strength and muscular endurance, and are very popular with the strength athletes.

They are especially quickly in the body, since they not must be metabolized by the liver, but direct can be injected into the muscle cells. In addition BCAA’s can block serotonin fatigue substance which you can train longer and more intense. Bodybuilders take amino acids directly before and after the training, the amino acid storage to fill and to promote the construction processes effectively. L-glutamine is also one of the most important amino acids. It accelerates the healing and repair processes and supports your muscles through an improved supply of nutrients.

Endurance runners the need for amino acids varies with and depends mainly on the activity of the athlete. Meat and fish products, eggs, dairy products, potatoes, and soy are important sources of protein and hence amino acids. Supplements a higher amount of amino acids can be executed to the body, which are less onerous for the digestive system, as about animal food. Therefore, athletes rely on amino acid capsules or liquid amino acids particularly like.


Little would also advance to take knowledge of the curses of my vice, therefore, already it lived in the fancy of the success and of the new to be it will transform that me, was the maximum! My career of smoker was long. I smoked the first cigarette to the thirteen years, still in sporadical character during two years for religious questions and to the fifteen years, I caught firm and I made career. They had been long thirty and five years of tobaccoism! Next to the eighteen years, due to practical of sports, I made my first attempt to stop to smoke and failed. I did not understand very well what it had happened, but also, still he was very attractive to be part of this select group of people who smoked. I took the life ahead. Years later, when already it had forgotten the last attempt failed to stop, already to the twenty and five years approximately, when also already it was said of the possibilities to contract illnesses, mainly the cancer for the habit to smoke, I made a new attempt. This time I convinced a friend that together we could win this fight. They had been three long days of my abstinence.

I was in the biggest joy in catching smoking it hidden, therefore, it had a reason just to breach our treatment. I came back to the vice. Of this time it was different, replenished the load of nicotine in the body, started pain in the conscience and a great doubt: it will be that I do not obtain to stop? It will be that I am vitiated? It was this that my parents had tried to alert to me and not I gave ear! I only took the life ahead, that now with a hurt of the defeat and an enormous feeling of guilt.

The Pointing

Soft and short parts of the cheek were worked out by a sophisticated technology (extremely Classic at the presented fungi and Bobfrisuren). This helped the pointing technology with the scissors, which was first applied in the undercut of the hairstyle. The coat was then adjusted in the Pointingverfahren with an asymmetrical bangs area and underlined. The hairstyles are reminiscent of the hair style of the 80s and a little 1960s to the and are held flat, is the new trend statement for the Bob and mushroom trio. 2.

part of the show: curls! The curls (Perm) were banned from almost all hairdressers and thus the hairdressing has Miss a major sales driver. Trio combined the new curls to the Galileo principle (1/7 of the body must be the head). This was watched by Trio on the American continent and found more doctored there again. Divahafte hairstyles need to be doctored and here the hair salon will get more footfall back. Fashionable accents promise a turnover-laden imitating in a short time through a newly developed straightening iron and so were not only in the curly hairstyles, but also in the previously shown Bobs and mushroom heads with small crepes brought fashionable accents in a new light. At two parts of the show the camouflage was combined colour technique (tone on tone), Black/Brown, Brown/chestnut or fawn/beige blonde with hair colors. This was a lovely, harmonious colours, underlining the hairstyle.

The clothes framed the hairstyle show. Each part of the show was kept narrow, dark or black tulle or how in the voluminous curls worn purple with dark power. The updo variant, which framed the final part of the trio was a feast of a special kind. Purist was doctored and a magic wand and handle transformed the previously created hairstyle. MOD BBs hair collection Paris 12:00 (powered by L L’Oreal professional products): the Carre hair cut (1980) with his side long hair in the foreground was placed COLORS at this excellent show.

Stylish MIDI-Tower-trio Made Of Aluminium And Steel

Stylish MIDI-Tower-trio made of aluminium and steel Caseking presents the gigabyte setto 1000 case Berlin, 03.11.2008 with the gigabyte setto 1000 housings presents Caseking GmbH as an official German distributor of gigabyte technology three elegantly designed, aluminum and steel made hybrid MIDI-Tower and thus expanding its comprehensive range of high quality PC chassis. Gigabyte setto 1000 is available in three colours – black, metallic grey and silver. This, the models are characterized by a clear, elegant lines and design of the aluminium front. So, the external drive bays with brushed alloy panels are covered, while centrally the I/O applications with two USB 2.0-, fit a FireWire and the audio in/out ports and power – reset elements in the modern mesh grille front. It also provides maximum robustness and rigidity with 185 x 410 x 480 mm (WxHxD) compact crafted Steel MIDI base at a low kerb weight 8.5 kg. Vibration-damping feet ensure a safe stand and effectively prevent annoying vibration transfer to the environment. The extension possibilities are with four external 5.25 “-, one external 3.5”-as well as 6 internal 3,5 “-Einschuben generously sized.

This highest operating comfort is offered through the consistent use of tool-less quick-lock fasteners. Two pre-installed, pleasantly silent 120 mm fans incorporate active ventilation of the gigabyte setto 1000 housing. Frontal cool air in the hard disk drives is sucked in and specifically through the housing until properly warmed back blown out leaving the system. This ventilation may be supplemented optionally a further fan in the 92-mm format, which is mounted at the side door. CPU cooler in the popular top blow – design can benefit from the laterally mounted air duct through which the CPU fan can attract fresh outdoor air. The use of external or internal water cooling system is supported by the case-back hose inlet openings.

Gigabyte setto 1000 versions black, metallic grey and silver is now at a price of 59.90 euros exclusively at available. About Caseking GmbH, founded in 2003, Caseking GmbH is headquartered in Berlin. The well-known Distributor and wholesaler Caseking offers unusual and extravagant PC accessories and has everything from case modding, design housings, water cooling, air coolers, media PC and silent components and special accessories for gamers. Caseking are the two online shops and as well as the fashion label GamersWear combines. The range of ranging from gaming mode to high-end gamblers hardware such as mouse pads, mice, keyboards and headsets. GamersWear completes the offer with exclusive and high-quality fashion for gamers.

IClear, Internet & Multimedia

Fast and easy processing in the foreground of Mannheim, 03 November 2008 – iclear, the provider for fast, simple, and really secure payment on the Internet, handles from immediately the payment for the online digital printing center pixel speed. Pixel speed is a highly modern digital printing Centre, which has many years of experience in digital processes of print production and works with the most innovative technology. The company based in Herford, Germany provides individual printed products in high quality and at cheapest rates. These include integrated and personalized photo books, photo albums and photo books, brochures, postcards, posters and calendars in many different formats. The customer submits print job to pixel speed simply mouse click over the Internet. The simple handling and the rapid and uncomplicated processing of payments via iclear was decisive iclear for the now agreed cooperation with the fiduciary online payment provider.

Pixel speed CEO Ulrich Tiemann: the quality of our work, the speed with which we handle orders and our very favourable conditions ensure that we enjoy an excellent reputation with our customers. When selecting our partner for payment processing, we apply the same high standards that we put on ourselves and which account for our success. iClear has us with its processes and with this given speed and simplicity convinced.\”iclear pixel speed provides customers with all customary banking payment ways like direct debit or transfer, secure online transfer in the buying process but also the credit card processing. iClear – Managing Director Michael Sittek: pixel speed we have gained a partner who offers its customers high quality and easy handling. Against this background we very pleased, that the company has decided for iclear payment provider.\” Pixel speed ( As a State of the art digital printing center pixel speed offers innovative technology and sophisticated workflows. Many years of experience in digital processes of the print production forms the basis of pixel speed range.

Le Poeme

The musical works are translated by the artist rosalie in a color scheme, programmed and recorded parallel to the music. The Jena color sensor technology ensures that any color that is part of a sound, always the same perceived regardless of the brightness of the environment. Diverse applications of this technology, which together worldwide distribute MAZeT and Jenoptik since 2006 under the brand name JEN COLOR, are lighting, multimedia, industrial applications, and analytical procedures. MAZeT and Jenoptik cooperate intensively with the production and sale of the novel color sensors. So can the MAZeT GmbH in the manufacture of lenses, whether made of glass or plastic, as well as in the production of optoelectronic modules rely on the production experience and the technological network of Jenoptik.

High market potential for the technology due to outstanding production and product properties. JEN COLOR color sensors detect and measure of body colors or active light sources color properties. They are characterized by their compact design, a long service life and cheap production procedures. The areas of application in industry and everyday life are diverse. So, a variety of processes and substances on the basis of the colour can be assessed qualitatively for example food. The color sensitivity of the sensors is that of the human eye.

LED’s in combination with optics and sensors completely new dimensions open up for lighting applications. Color, brightness and light distribution design is seemingly limitless. The systems are used among others in new lighting systems that can adapt automatically to the brightness conditions. Over large areas of lighting technology achieves a high consistency of brightness and colour. Especially for lighting applications, a new market opens for MAZeT and Jenoptik. So, in the future, aircraft of manufacturers be equipped with modules for LED lighting systems. First long-term contracts for the Jena technology are already available. LIGHT-ART-CONCERT “LUCE. THE tone of the colours”Friday, 19. December 2008 20:00 Volkshaus more performances: 20th and 21st December 2008 20:00 Volkshaus Igor Strawinsky: The Firebird (1919 version) Alexander Skrjabin / Georg Friedrich Haas: Piano Sonata No. 9 for Orchestra Alexander Skrjabin: Prometheus (“Le Poeme du feu”) op. 60 about MAZeT the MAZeT GmbH is a leading European development and Fertigungsdienstleister. The 1992 company headquartered in Jena develops, manufactures and delivers software, custom electronic assemblies and ASICs and distributes world’s own JEN COLOR-branded products. Through the wide range of technology and application know-how, the MAZeT GmbH in the field of industrial electronics and opto sensors is a reliable and proven service partner for tailored, customer-specific solutions. Their development expertise and components for special applications find information among other things throughout the industrial metrology, control, automation and medical equipment to the Einsatz.Weitere Also is subject to further image material: press/logos_bilder/download available.

Enjoy Innovation

An object of desire, and that even at first glance: The PURISME brand for design products made of carbon in the luxury segment. A new, exciting approach to the smoke: PURISME presents PIPE. Design that twisted the head. The delicate combination of refined Straightgrain Brier with the hi-tech material carbon creates an irresistible aura. Gently curved lines invite to touch and grasp: PURISME has charged a traditional form with new, unprecedented dynamic force and thereby the ergonomics to perfection. An amazing design detail is the unique “UpsideDown” head: on him is the PURISME PIPE in each location perfectly safe and balanced. PURISME PIPE removes not only the smoke into a new dimension. You marked the comeback of the pipe as a contemporary, trend-based cult object.

The pipe towards the highest standards in Europe is produced. Each individual PURISME PIPE is under untouchables quality controls in a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern Manufactured production technology. And each PURISME bears PIPE the digital “engraving invented by PURISME”, a specially developed RFID TAG on a personal dedication of their creators, the design teams of square of form of, is programmed. The PURISME GmbH based in Vienna is positioned as a luxury brand and stands for design products from the high-tech material carbon.