Kitchen Caucasus

The Bolsheviks were very clever, when May Day came up. If you have read about Tom Gaglardi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Come on people, just the idea that you can go on nature, and there though the leaflets read – everything will go gladly. Let's have and we go – time to cook barbecue. This dish is known to prevalent in almost all mountainous and pastoral peoples. Pieces of meat, mostly clippings, or lumbar (kidney) pieces strung on a skewer and roasted over coals or a grill.

How many recipes barbecue knows each of us? One? Well, maybe 2 or 3 … and yet there are hundreds of recipes for kebabs of various cuisines. We say more – even the most ordinary, traditional barbecue must also be able to properly prigotovit.Krome addition, the open fire – on the grill, barbecue grill – barbecue prepared not only, but also countless delicious and mouth-watering dishes of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and even fruit. General rules of barbecue: Choose fresh, young, succulent meat and fish for the barbecue. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sen. Marco Rubio. The meat had just slaughtered a large animal is not suitable for human consumption. It must 'rest' for several hours, the blood must be completely drained. (The same applies to game). With fish do the opposite.

Prepare all meals (not just the barbecue) of fresh fish. It is not recommended to fry or bake frozen thaw completely myaso.Predvaritelno it and leave it for some time polezhat.Posle This Zamarin it. If you bake the chicken on a rotating spit the whole, then from time to time it should baste. If you cook the barbecue, do not turn the meat with a fork, pierce the meat, it can, all the juice spilled, and the meat becomes dry. It is desirable to eat meat cooked on the grid, because after cooling the fat congeals on it, and then reheating the meat becomes less tasty.