Giani Stuparich Island

Stuparich was born in Trieste the year 1891. He died in Rome in 1961. He belonged to the Group of so-called triestinos, group of writers which included, for example, Italo Svevo. You can not criticize you to Stuparich lack of realism and objectivity to tell this story. That is perhaps his sin. The last encounter between father and son, prior to the death of the former, is without doubt a field paid for all sorts of possibilities and brilliance of a writer.

However, Stuparich cannot transgress reality, the real deal between parents and children, shyness, fear to honest with that loved one who the father is, the need to give the last hug (which does not occur), the lack of affection, only existing in a tacit manner in a smile, at a glance, in the expression of the eyes, but never in Word and the explicit gesture. All this might disappoint the reader, for whom reality is, if not boring, it foreseeable, because it is what lives on a daily basis and wants that it is shifting, with ingredients already existing and known, giving place to combinations not vivid and attractive or livable by himself. That’s what the novel, the art of telling stories; Therefore the small novel by Giani Stuparich is far from becoming a narrative that leave footprints. A penalty. Safe Creative #0912035058096 original author and source of the article