Beauty Before Death

Beauty before death 1 caught between the death of Farrah and Michael, the natural beauty and plastic cast to mourn Frente al espejo of loneliness in the world, forgetting that in the Karegar Avenue in Tehran, an Iranian woman, Neda, had been lying and wound of death with a shot in the chest by a sniper, being able to do anything for herexcept pressing and massaging between her breasts as first aid to a heart that, rather than continue beating, esputo a they gelled blood through his mouth and stain the beautiful face of a human being that we looked at, modified, with eyes on white, so blind as ours, leaving dying beauty before death. In the West, the beauty before death, of whole body, naked or not, was the fair-haired framing a face and teeth, a black color wanting to be a white color, the known cancerous angel and the surprising heart King, fallen after the lost battle and return truncated in the ages of decadence, crepuscularmente esplendiendo a commiseration solar, television and since from a white and black, hollywoodesca, desolate and musical America. 2. A strange dreams of Magellan Music traffic makes guitars and birds instrumentalicen a requiem, in crescendo, so that a spontaneous human combustion burn in the East as in the West, the ash of the heroes, is the media contribution to the human condition not suffer more than necessary, natural and artistically in this dream that releases white roses and black on the boulevards of reality, where the duel and the drill Act from a pain that is has been intensifying until it hurt and having to disappear in a monstrous connection between an object and its image: his voice and his body. We don’t cry for us or for others, but for that which is in front of our eyes that is beauty before death, as well as the disappearance of the stars by light pollution from cities to heaven, assuming us misery as a planetary passion for not being able to see the sea beyond our tears, having to search for, and find, in the mirrors of the human face, that contagiante and last rictus of happiness on the face of the Earth in the rigor mortis of our bodies to return alive nature tremor, but until then that it is now, the beauty before death, is the fair-haired smiling black and white teeth. 111. The beauty before death is that monstrous connection between an object and its image, not the subject in the human being, the recorded voice and printed body, pain and grief in the most decadent of all drills: the beauty before death as an ensimismacion global, television and since, though whales are worth more alive than dead to an observer and predatory tourismin both, 35 000 years ago, a man, in the solitude of a cave, it blew to a vulture-bone flute, human breath that now makes us so much is missing: the beautiful music of the human condition accompanied by loneliness, because there can be no more beauty before death as the unquenchable sound life with the words and the music of poetry. Friday 26 June 2009 original author and source of the article..