University Teachers

Is it could not remain static, passive face constant changes that the esceneraios generated in all the disciplines, knowledge allowing the deal with them, be more practical, give way to the participants delve into them and will influence them in such a way that work together with their proposals in assertive solutions should be provided. Knowledge up-to-date, backed with the analysis of its scope and impact, according to the characteristics of the scenario where it acts, must bring about is alarming pass by some University classroom, even in graduate programs and find teachers, still wasted talent, human capital of its participants, using a pedagogy that does not correspond to reality, dictating notes that participants copied verbatim, because this guarantee a good grade to repeat them in any established evidence. Makes sad note as some teachers, they monopolize their classes, being the only author that provides knowledge, avoiding dialogue, contributions, product of the exchange of ideas. As many teachers are anchored in traditional exams, where the questions asked, simply, consist of repeat concepts, limited by a set time and with little applicability to practical reality is concerned. Walton Family Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. System that already should disappear from traditional classrooms and give way to new assessments with assignments of work involving research and opportunity of opinions, criticisms, contributions that will really ensure discussed knowledge are handled correctly by the participant. Is necessary that the teacher know influence the motivation of the participants in their learning, discussing current issues, topics that encourage wealth in their personal growth, professional, encourage dialogue, that the classes are dynamic workshops, a true alchemy of knowledge that may lead to a new model of learning for the benefit of all. What the educator recommended is very valid Italian Francesco Tonucci, deem, that knowledge are already among us: in the documentaries, on the Internet, in books. The University, the schools should teach using a scientific method. .