Lawyer Johann Coenen

For all assistance, one is very important to the initiators: anyone want to remove the responsibility, they see themselves as pilots, show the affected routes out of its crisis. Walking this path must everyone, if in the company. Lawyer Johann Coenen to: We operate in on > direction not cuddly pedagogy, but help to help themselves. We want to accompany people, from where they can define themselves their own objectives. And also the eyes open them for lost perspectives, and especially for their personal responsibility, that gladly and quickly is been swept under the carpet just in case of an insolvency.” The concept arrives at the affected: after the first public events of the Association groups have formed already, where the initiators, together with them and interested parties working on the topic of failure with its legal, social and health aspects in just this sense.

The comments show that failure for many is a recent and controversial topic, Interested parties to read are now in the blog. But also gratitude is evident from these comments that it offer help by on > direction: I’m sure this Club is closes a large gap, can sit up and help themselves not to lose faith and new ways to recognize. “, writes an anonymous parties. Another: Your page makes courage especially during (failed) business owners the people who have created jobs for years to come. It is very shameful, is how often blasphemed with glee and malice of bankrupts. I hope that there is a climate of recognition in our society, for the people who create jobs of society as engines, often using their entire private. And for you I wish that as many entrepreneurs back on > set! Our country needs these people.” Especially in times of ubiquitous crisis… More to the Program, to the events of the Association and further information in the blog at.