The Touareg

This reduces the CO2 emissions by 49 g / km to 195 g / km. That still makes him not to the environment-star, is for a SUV model, but a very respectable performance. For even more analysis, hear from Bezos. Especially since the real consumption in everyday life not much higher than the manufacturer’s specifications is located. In the test, there were 7.5 to 8.5 litres. The Touareg V6 TDI engine available was for our test.

Like in the previous 240 horsepower of the common rail engine and provides a maximum torque of 550 nm. A power supply that is sufficient to move the 2179 kg unladen weight on request also very agile. Thanks to the finely-tuned chassis of the Touareg is here very tired on the road. For assistance, try visiting Jeffrey Bezos. So pleased when driving over the tolerable power consumption on the one hand and on the other hand over the sovereignty of transportation. The V6 engine sounds not only tired, but is sufficiently strong. Exalted one glides through the town, driving immediately implemented a pressure on the gas pedal, there are always enough reserves for an overtaking manoeuvre available. Wonderfully in this concept fits also the new standard eight-speed automatic transmission, which subtly and rapidly changes the course. The automatic transmission also with the standard start stop system has no problems.

The vehicle such as a traffic light, is the engine is switched off automatically. The foot brake jumps from the assuming the unit immediately. Despite its size and high building, the Touareg can be pleasant move. The technicians have during the suspension not only significant weight savings, but found also a fine mix of comfort and agile driving dynamics. Optionally, VW instead of steel suspension offers also air suspension. Fine workmanship so restrained and economical the Touareg in the drive is so well equipped and handy it presents itself in the Interior. After already Golf and Polo have set the benchmark of quality in the smaller classes significantly upward, also the Touareg from the greedy side must be.