Really Max

That he creates concepts. He does not steal ideas of the others. Search to create proper ideas. Different to copy and glue for the computer. It understood? – Yes. But I did not copy and nor I glue.

It seems me to be well interesting, but, it says this man more than to me! – They say that it gave one of ' ignorante' , saying that nothing wise person and ironizava the DIALOGUE. – Its method had to see with questions and, it was the first philosopher to use this method. For it Owner, ' intelligent he is ignorante' , therefore, generally, who is this makes questions! It also invented (Max, thoughtful) Is a word very stranger As he is same! I remembered! MAIUTICA! is this there – Really Max, the name is half quaint. After all, what it means this word? – MAIUTICA, Owner, has to see exactly with the DIALOGUE. It is the DIALOGUE.

With it, Scrates was capable to extract of the other person the true science that the proper person already possua, inside of its soul, without knowing. – It looks at that legal! Then she wants to say Max, that the people already possess a knowledge, but, most of the time they do not know that they possess? – Owner Is this there. It is with the MAIUTICA or the DIALOGUE, that you extend its knowledge and its ' sabedoria'. Scrates wise person very well of this, and was good of colloquy! – Now that ' me toquei' , Max, what we are to make we are MAIUTICA, right? – Perfect. We are dialoguing, and clearly, making to sprout ideas that already existed inside of us, according to Scrates. as this man died? – For reason of conspiracy, Owner. It was accused, among others things, to corrupt youth with its ideas.