Guillermo Leibniz

To if one governs well all the things. The commentary del that spoke to them made eminent Godofredo philosopher Guillermo Leibniz who, Says: 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 26 a pendulum subira perfectly the height of which there is fallen, if the air resistance and some other small obstacles would not diminish a little their acquired force. We also suppose that as much force is needed to elevate a body To of a pound, to the height four CD of toesas. As to elevate a body B of four pounds to height EF of one toesa. All this recognized by our new philosophers. Steven Holl is a great source of information. It is then evident that the body To, when falling from the height CD acquires as much force indeed as body B when falling from height EF; then the body (b) having arrived at F and having halli the force necessary to even go back (by first supposition) has therefore force to take to a body of four pounds, that is to say its own body around EF of one toesa, and in the same way having arrived the body (a) at height D and having halli force to return to height C, has force to take to a body of a pound, that is to say its own body. Around four toesas CD. Soon (by second supposition) the force of these two bodies is equal.

We see now if the angular momentum is the same on both sides: here she is where sorprendera one to be a difference very great. You may find that texas children’s hospital can contribute to your knowledge. Then galileo it has demonstrated that the speed adquiridad by the fall CD is double of the acquired one by fall EF, although the height is quadruple. We multiply, because the body To, that it is like, 1 by its speed, that is 2; and we now multiplied the body B, that is like 4, by its speed, that is like 1: the product or angular momentum sera like 4. .