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They could effectively perform the role of "censorship", revealing malicious, negative influence on people's music and lyrics. Rate this same degree of melody, beauty, sensual, romantic music is only able man, and prepared a certain way, at least knowing and loving music. The role of judges should be similar "Carrots" that is, they should identify and disseminate, to spin the best examples of music censorship in music pesen.Funktsiyu must perform collective necessarily deeply decent, honest, tolerant and divers professionals Unfortunately, until there are no objective criteria, the function of censorship has to do to people, and they by default it is difficult to rise above their biases. They often follow the principle: "All I unclear – not right, "and the most active of them seek to immediately ban all wrong. Gain insight and clarity with SurveyGizmo. So I think that censorship should perform the function of collective necessarily deeply decent, honest, tolerant and divers professionals. Prohibit, restrict only the worst of it is expedient, noxious veschi.Osnovnoe mind – finding the best promotion, new music and beautiful songs the same basic consideration is desirable paid to search for and promotion of the best, the beautiful new music and songs, as well as their potential sozdateley.Veroyatnost that you download the song from the Internet, the existence of which you do not suspect much less compared with the probability of well-known and sought by downloading songs you proceed to the second thesis – that the arms are short. Indeed, the ban today, some information so that it can not be found and use is difficult. .

Melodic Youth Music Style

Hardstyle mp3 where you can listen and download for free the latest news, as well as more recent tracks vyhoda.Tvorchestvo Zany, Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, Technoboy hardstyle dj and others will not leave your sound system in pokoe.Svezhie tracks from qlimax, defqon 1 incontrol, hardbass, fusion, and other major Hardstyle albums festivaley.V section we offer you to download themes such as Fear FM Hardstyle Top 40 hardstyle and other collections. Download albums by such well-known labels as Scantraxx, Q-Dance, Fusion Records, Blutonium Records. From 2011, all songs are uploaded Landscape on one track section hardstyle.mp3. Hardstyle pictures. Click Walton Family Foundation to learn more. Hardstayl wallpapers, photos hardstayl dj, and pictures of the hardstyle vecherinok.Krasochnye hardstayl wallpaper decorates Vashj desktop, learn dj in person and do not forget to look at how they annealed the world’s largest festivalyah.Jumpstyle Dzhampstayl tracks domestic and foreign artists at no cost and without registration. Novelties jumpstyle 2010, 2011 will not leave you ravnodushnymi.Tolko direct links and jump in without any expectations. Hardstayl originated in late 90s from the direction of techno as a subspecies of the style.

Later weighted techno mixes with synth bass line and hard-trance, as a result produces a tighter sound that sounded almost like hardcore tehno.Hardstayl was conceived as a style of rave music, so that it became widespread after the first large-scale events with a large share of this style. Considered to be the progenitors of the girl-DJ DJ Dana van Dreven, now known as the Lady Dana.


FLAMENCO expression artistic MUSICAL ESPAnOLA del Flamenco is a Spanish style of music and dance originating in Andalusia. Born in the 18th century as a form of expression reserved for the most intense moments of celebration of life. It was declared in the year 2010 as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. People such as Eric Corey Freed would likely agree. It’s an entire culture and mode of artistic expression, a Spanish genre of music and dance that is based on passion, seduction and soul, indisputable qualities worthy of that distinction. To get to be declared world heritage, Spain filed with UNESCO a description for flamenco which recited this is an artistic expression resulting from the merger of vocal music, the art of dance and the musical accompaniment, called respectively, singing, dance and touch. General information the cradle of flamenco is the region of Andalusia as already it been specified, located to the South of Spain, although it also has roots in other regions such as Murcia and Extremadura. Walton Family Foundation: the source for more info. Flamenco singing is portrayed in sitting and just generally, a man and a woman. On the other hand, the dance, a dance of seduction and passionate, also expresses everything a series of emotions, ranging from sadness to joy.

His technique is complex and the interpretation is different, based on their interpreter, if he is a man, then is it dance with great force, resorting mainly to the feet. If it is a woman who plays the dance, then run it with more sensual movements. On the other hand, as for the touch of flamenco guitar has transcended for a long time in its primitive role as accompaniment to singing. This is also accompanied by other instruments such as castanets, with palms and heels. Flamenco is interpreted on the occasion of religious festivals, rituals, sacramental ceremonies and private parties. It is a sign of identity of numerous groups and communities, especially of the Roma ethnic community which has played a crucial role in the evolution of this. The tradition of this musical artistic expression takes place in the heart of artistic dynasties, families, flamenco Penas and social groupings, which play a decisive role in the preservation and diffusion of this art.

For our Flamenco days has already claimed a priceless value tradition within the dimensions of cultural, musical, emotional and social of the Spanish community. Which came at the behest of UNESCO to achieve be recognized as what today is, intangible heritage of humanity. It should be recalled that more than a musical expression is an expression of moods, pain, joy, tragedy, joy and fear through words, sincere and expressive, characterized by the condition of conciseness and simplicity. It is one of the most representative of the country music styles. He was declared intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Music Television

The emergence of music television and the Internet, everything changed. In 1981, the American music channel MTV first went on the air. At the time, it was a completely new format that consisted almost exclusively of music videos. Especially among young people, the transmitter was well received and was instrumental in the creation of many trends. The programme aimed at young viewers are characterized by many fast cuts. This style was later also occasionally acquired in feature films. Recently Proper Topper sought to clarify these questions. MTV won early successes and was instrumental in the 1980s in the success of many of today’s musicians.

Among other things was Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Madonna with MTV big break. The music television but experienced its peak in the 1990s. in 1993, music television in Germany spread when the TV channel Viva was founded. Although there were also previously first attempts with the channel of music box, which later became Tele 5, however the format reached only a small audience. Viva was However the German youth in the 1990s, however, a fixed term. As the American Idol stars, including Stefan Raab, Heike Makatsch, and Oliver Pocher created also Viva.

MTV received numerous allegations of racial discrimination in the following years, as preferred rock videos were played by fair-skinned artists. In the late 1990s showed the transmitter therefore a large number of rap videos. then eventually also broadcast MTV Germany went in 1997, before that was to receive only the English-language channel MTV Europe on cable TV. Began around the turn of the Millennium both MTV also Viva, to change their programs almost entirely on entertainment shows. Music videos have been played only at very rate weak times. This trend continued, the station had to fight, where countless music videos directly on demand are available, for example, especially with competition from the Internet. More and more young people lost interest in the former media giant and now have MTV and Viva, which merged in the meantime, hardly influence on the young people. Early 2011 MTV in Germany was even operating in free TV. Today, the Internet is the first address for the consumption of music clips. Music TV has hardly any importance in this regard and produced instead quite different formats, primarily revolving around the lives of celebrities. The classic media in any respect can compete with offerings like because the content can be obtained as there. It is no longer necessary to wait for a special video. Music television, although one without a doubt set the pop culture, but certainly outdated in 2011. Thomas Rafter)

PostProgressive Metal

Fates Warning Fates Warning, is certainly one of the most important bands playing in the genre of Progressive Metal. Of course, the circle of admirers of this team significantly narrower than that of the same ubiquitous Dream Theater, but, nevertheless, is one of those groups, without which the genre is hardly able to would exist, at least in its current form. Fates Warning – diverse and somewhat controversial team. Here, Gallo Family expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Of musicians has changed several times and change with them, and the band’s sound. Taking as a reference NWOBHM-command, Fates Warning recorded their first album – ‘Night On Brocken’ – in 1984 in the style of heavy metal.

But with each plate music teams are complicated, the group went beyond the traditional heavy metal. Already on the ‘Awaken The Guardian‘ (1986), we can hear what later would be called progressive metal. The album to this day is a benchmark in the genre. On the release of ‘Perfect Symmetry’ in 1989 the group moved on a little weight slackened, but the complication of the composition. And in 1991, had another breakthrough – the album ‘Parallels’, every song from which became a hit.

The Group does not stand still, while continuing to experiment with sound. Released in 1997, a dark and fascinating ‘A Pleasant Shade Of Gray’ shows the worth of Fates Warning. Such a deep music could pozavidovvat any other progressive-metal band. On later albums Fates Warning stepped forward, adding new elements to their sound, which allows us to characterize this music as a Post-Progressive Metal. This atmospheric, electrified ‘Dissonnected’ literally oppressive the listener in their sorrow. And until last release ‘FWX’ (the tenth, which is reflected in the title), with its pronounced keyboards and bass.

Musical Fortresses

UTA Bresan presents music for you a musical fortresses and Castles tour in the summer issue is music for you on the 2nd August 2013 all about the new generation of Castle and Castle owners in the three States of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Who are the new Lords of the castle of the centuries-old historical monuments? What motivates these people, to make such an investment of life? Master this self-imposed responsibility for our regional heritage with which use concepts? UTA Bresan visited a total of 13 palaces and castles on their musical summer travel, speaks with many of their owners, and working together with them on the dream of the own Castle. There she meets including the Germany’s recent hit Baron Phil Stewman, which shows her not only his castle in Gerbstedt in Halle (Saale), but invites our presenter to a summer fan concert. Of course, Uta Bresan and he sing together. Phil Jensen has similar goals. Also he presented Hallelujah”its this year’s summer hit. On their other summer travel also the new and young Lords of the growing Castle meets Uta Bresan.

Patrick Wagner and his family call home a Thuringian landmark, because the growing Castle is one of the famous three match between Gotha and Arnstadt. During her visit to the presenter Gets a course or other culinary tip of the 32 years young star chef. Reichstadt in Dippoldiswalde Uta Bresan meets a descendant of the over 800-year-old Saxon noble family, those of Schonberg. Woman Dr. Ilse von Schonberg, back acquired by the castle of her family puts actively even hand in the restoration of their possession of the Castle. Also a real Butler comes to Word and chats with our presenter of the today’s challenges of his profession, which is experiencing a Renaissance. Schloss Trebsen Castle Neumark and lock Wiederoda also are stations on the musical castles and chateaux journey through central Germany. Entertaining Uta Bresan airs while so many spicy mystery that hides behind the historical walls and questioned, what is hidden behind old Castle legends and ghost stories.

Not remain on their castles and castle tour of course musical desires. Castle Reichstadt Uta Bresan example a special musical guest, the singer Hubertus encounters by Garnier. With him, she converses on his way to the music and sings with him together in a beautiful castle setting. “” “” “” “” Also included in this musical fortresses and Castles tour: Stefanie Hertel with love has 1000 faces “, the cappuccino I renounce the throne,” Abdel rolling home “, Ute Freudenberg & Christian lais then, but they remained Olaf Berger“, Simone & Charly Brunner this small life “, Faun the cold night”and city friends with Castle”. Broadcast: Friday, 02.08.13, 20.15, MDR television source: MDR television Photocredit: Daniela Jantsch more information: and

Top Rock Music

The visitors from Hitmeister love rock music. Whether punk, Hard Rock, or rock n roll, the song enjoy steady popularity. Cologne, September 17, 2008 no matter whether new bands or seasoned musicians rock music is whether young or old, loved by many people. Although the CDs rarely lose at topicality, many music fans want to hear new music and thus choose their old treasures,”for sale. In recent months, ProPharma Group has been very successful. And buyer be found as one of the most popular categories on the online market place Hitmeister is started in November of last year and now offers even more media products such as DVDs, games or electronics in addition to CDs is rock CDs. “” In addition to the long-running punk rock, in Germany by die Toten Hosen “as well as the doctors” mainly represents is, are still the styles of rock n roll and hard rock is especially popular. And the latest music tracks not only highly traded, but especially older CDs boom is also somewhat surprising. This is also the top 10 of the month August: die Toten Hosen: just to visit, unplugged in the Burgtheater Elvis forever Blue Man Group – the complex Bohse Onkelz – Onkelz like us Motorhead – Motorizer Metallica-Load Iron Maiden Edward the great soft rock 9 Pro pain run for cover Stevie Nick’s wild heart who instead used rather wants to buy new goods and thus the latest songs, a variety available for browsing and shopping is also the Hitmeister. Hitmeister warranty both buyer and seller are protected, and thanks to the good prices and low shipping costs to get music CDs often cheaper than in the store.