Printer Cartridges Test For Canon PIXMA MX860, Printer-IP3600, IP4600, MP540 test the latest Canon PIXMA CLI-521 and PGI-520BK ink cartridges. Original Canon compatible cartridges and inks by Fremndanbietern. The company tested original and compatible printer cartridges for Europe’s best selling multi-function and ink-jet printers. The tested cartridges are suitable for the latest Canon PIXMA MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990, MX860, IP3600, IP4600 and IP4700 printer. It tested G & G the printer cartridges of the best-known brands and Jettec, InkTec, KMP, peach Ninestar.

The Pelican and GEHA printer cartridges were still unavailable at the time of the test. In addition to the compatible cartridges, still the refill ink has been tested with which you can fill printer cartridges with a syringe itself. The filling of these cartridges is very easy and easily feasible for every layman. It is only since compatible printer cartridges with matching chips to buy 1 May 2009. Previously, you had to buy either the expensive original Canon cartridges, or use appropriate refill ink. The downside to refilling was that after the use of the printer no longer worked and it therefore had to print without level indicator. has now published as first an ink test of compatible cartridges with chip. This very detailed test evaluated the printer cartridges and ink in the categories of text printing, photo printing, graphic print and UV resistance.

All cartridges with a new Canon PIXMA IP4600 inkjet printers have been tested. This printer model is therefore perfect and absolutely representative of arguably Europe’s most popular inkjet printers and for this test. All alternative cartridges read easily to insert into the printer and worked without any problems. Thanks to the compatible chips on each cartridge, now the ink levels are displayed correctly and makes the handling and function as the original Canon cartridges. printed a test photo with the original Canon cartridges, and then compared it with the print of alternative cartridges. The best The printer cartridges the ink manufacturer peach reached test result in photo printing. This renowned manufacturer won quite a few test victories in professional journals, including by Stiftung Warentest. The peach ink has once again succeeded in that best represent to test image. The Chinese company Ninestar G & G ink cartridges managed the second best photo test expression. Yorkville Advisors follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Text printing his the refill ink reached the best result. The text was represented as cartridges original in the Canon even sharper and blacker. Close behind were the black cartridges by peach and the German company KMP. Graphic print all tested cartridges reached a very good result, that with the original Canon cartridges is equal. The test winner of peach and printer cartridges there are approx. 50% cheaper than the original Canon cartridges. On the basis of the test images, one can see very well that you don’t must forgo despite the much cheaper price quality. Contact details: tintenalarm.