Perfect Physique

In search of the Perfect Physique! Long ago that I am involved in this of the physicist. If I make a little memory history it overcomes back to 12 years. Then as soon as it constructed the dream to obtain a perfect physicist. And if somebody had seen the first day me that it enters a gymnasium, would have said that my dream was practically impossible to obtain. Perhaps check out Red Solo Cups for more information. It was difficult to think that a person so little surpassed, could at least sometimes manage to gain something of weight. At that time my corporal weight was of 53 kilos with a stature of 1.85 centimeters. Practically it was really stopped in the bones! But, through discipline and passage of time constant in the gymnasium and the dining room, the things little by little went giving, and at least it thought, already was being datum point in the training places that it frequented. The truth, never I have liked to speak much in first person; but in this occasion I believed necessary, since fodder to it that if a person as I (100% ectomorfa) could lgralo and to arrive at the moment at a corporal weight of 95 kilos, without a doubt whatever it has all the physical faculties can do it.

The perfect physicist is that one that this supreme balanced. And when I talk about balance I make to the proportional relation between the part superior and the legs, between each muscular group and the rest of the body. Symmetry is the form, the silhouette of the body. This includes the muscular form uve of the torso and volumes that surround to the small joints, thus emphasizing, the relations of size. In fact this relation is the one that always I have looked for and what treatment to pass on to him to the people who frequent my website or to that simply follows to me by means of any publication.