This implies: that educating and the potentiality of the child, which, private of the above-mentioned teaching, would not never arrive to elaborate types of acceptable behaviors; that certain behaviors, socially approved, are the objective of the education, as well as its last end, without which if it backslides in the abnormality; that the impulse to operate in that definitive way must be part of the mentality of educating until, in certain point, it does not need more educated being and can follow the alone way, becoming in turn and an educator. Well-behaved it would be, therefore, an individual that according to acts norms established for the effective custom, that is and irreversible conditional in this direction, and that therefore it does not need later monitoring or other teachings. If everything that is truth, is for clarifying which the difference enters a child well-behaved a well amestrado dog. which the difference between education and a banal and coarse conditioning. In the truth, most elementary common-sense induces to the categorical refusal of all estimated what normally education is called. To think that the child must be educated and the adult not, is absolutely ridicule. If it admits, and I do not see as to deny it of reasonable form, that the education is an operation dialectic in which the person is the citizen, and it object, that all constitutes the first push for the evolutivo movement, is not understood why reason the adult does not continue participating of this operation.

As if the arrival of the call maturity it coincided with a state of absolute and insupervel perfection. Reason is not understood why the antisocial, necessarily wild child return-if- and criminalide if the adult not to provide to restrain the evil and to teach to it the good to it, by means of a species of domesticao. The least is not understood which the value of an invariant psychic structure, marked for a predetermined Superego, indelevelmente marked in the mind of the individual and that dirige the marked actions of this in one in the mind of the individual and that dirige action of this in an only always identical direction.