British Music Experience

Music, among others cultural expreciones, is one of the identifications of England. He is of surpluses well-known that some of the best artists and bands of the world come from this country. If it thinks to travel soon to London, we recommended to him that one goes through the British Music Experience, where will be able to enjoy these artists and to learn more generally on British music. Good point departure is section Playback, that explores the different formats in which music has been recorded from 1945, and includes from vinyl discs to the unloadings in digital format, besides the fascinating devices that we used to reproduce them. In addition, the visitors can enjoy contemporary recordings as well as iconic announcements of the last decades, from years 40. In the cabin of transmissions one explains to the visitors different means used for the music transmission, from the wireless revolution of the BBC in years 20 and the invention of the television to the appearance of webcasts and use of movable telephones.

The exhibition Where It' s AT! it reveals the visitors from what place of the United Kingdom comes famous bands and what significant musical events have been celebrated in different parts from the country. Without a doubt, one is a tremendously educative section that contributes date of birth, places concrete and known festivales. All fan to music knows at least a concert which is sorry not to have been able to attend. In The Beat Goes On, the visitors can travel in the time and to enjoy some of the best concerts of last the 60 years, including among others spectacles of The Stones, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Oasis and The Clash. The exhibition counts on a unique selection of special concerts, some in intimate places and others in great stages before a public of thousands of people.

The Musical

Before the revelation, Mahoma had, necessarily to have been present in such ceremonies. If the prophet approved or disapproved music considered later, but the truth is that in the Corn there is no a single word against her. Towards year 661, that corresponds to the death of Al, the fourth orthodox caliph, the Arabs executed only one cantinela based on the rythmical values of the spoken language; this cantinela knew two forms of rate: the one that had to the passage of the camel and trote of the horses. Besides the songs of caravan, the Arabs pre? Islamic they also owned you chose funeral, songs soldiers, loving songs of trip and songs. SurveyGizmo wanted to know more. To the Arab, it accompanied it to music from the cradle to the tomb; for every moment of its life it had a special music: in the pleasure, the pain, the work, the game in the din of the battle and the religious devotion. Between 661, establishment of the Califato de Omeya in Damascus and the 833, time of the Abasida dynasty, Arab music evolves by means of the Greek and Persian influence; it learns to free itself of the rate imposed by the spoken language and acquires the sense of the properly musical measurement. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walton Family Foundation. Ziryab, great musician and theoretician who settles in A? Andalus, obtains that Cordova and Granada is elevated in centers of Arab musical art giving to western Arab music an own character, opposed partly, to the school of Baghdad since, whereas the one of Baghdad it is based on the technique, the one of Ziryab psico is based on the physiological action that exerts music like therapeutic. It was during his permanence in Spain when the Arabs took the musical art perfectly, determining the characteristics of the great cantatas, calls still Nauba? Ghernata (Naubas of Granada). Although the musical music and instruments legally were prohibited, the spiritual effects of music clearly were recognized.

Natasha Schyolkovo

Every year, around mid-August, a big, friendly apple rock-bound family gets together to celebrate his birthday. Place to another night could be anything – old cozy Bartschik somewhere in the center of a bustling city or a cheap coffee shop in a residential area, a forest glade, or someone's close kitchen, a dacha in the Moscow region or house somewhere on the beach – the main thing that all necessarily come together. When this happens to be a big crowd at more than ten people vying begins to remember all of the story from the beginning, a long and fascinating story, which you will surely someday from someone hear. At Leslie Osterman you will find additional information. In the meantime, in brief: Group – the five young, charming, handsome and daring girls, the eldest of whom only 20 years. Lena Tretyakov (bass, vocals), (rhythm guitar, vocals), Eugene Ogurtsova (keyboards, vocals, MC), Natasha Schyolkovo (Lead guitar) and Nyuta Baidavletov (drums, vocals) – a real dream team, dream team, who sang not only on stage but in life. Over the shoulders of the girls grand tour, participation in large-scale festivals and performances at major, not children's music venues. The archive Ranetok is not only a solo concert at Stadium, but the festival "Russian Winter", traditionally taking place in London's Trafalgar Square, and appearances at rock-open-air Emmaus, and much, much more. But first, was album. Ranetok debut album '' came out in 2006, has long received a gold record and still beat all sales records. On the disc contains 14 tracks, three of which have brought the group real glory.

Latin American Operation

Monetary policy of inflation targeting found limitations to this type of operation because it cannot intervene in the magnitude that the situation requires to hold the exchange rate. For worse, this operation being viewed with both these Latin American currencies and also the Australian dollar or the South African rand is also replicated in commodities whose contributions have regained strong so far of the year (probably more than necessary) threatening the dynamics of this operation to generate a new speculative bubble. And what can you tell about the regulators? Regulators have not given even by aware of risky from this situation. While ago a couple of decades that is carried out this operation, the risk that is implying the generalization of the same has high chances of transforming it into a new cause of crisis when even we have not left the problems caused by subprime it. It strikes me quite that central bankers nor those responsible for economic policy of major countries raise some resource on action to curb the resurgence of this operation so dangerous for the economies. I certainly understand that the silence of policymakers from major economies are paying the benefits of very short term that the carry trade can generate to accelerate the recovery of the global economy. Surely if this results in a new crisis, we find a long line of officials from Governments and international organizations that will encourage to accurately identify the problem that gave rise to the crisis and the necessary regulatory solutions that do not return to produce with great authority. Already to that height, the speculators will find another alternative to hedge for the stability of economies and will use it against their own noses of regulators who will choose to look the other way.

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Becoming the ‘Perfect Musician’

Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect musician’?  Yes and no.  It is very subjective but there is the issue of popularity.  The more popular your music is, the more ‘perfect’ you’ll be viewed by the masses.  But that still will not make you perfect per se.

However if you want to try and become popular there are two main areas on which you must focus: dedication and following your passion.  Hard work will for sure help you improve and give you a head start into perfection but if you try to follow someone else’s style, no amount of dedication will get you to the top.

Decide what your style is.  And then keep ploughing ahead with that.  Don’t deviate it from it or get pushed into doing what seemingly the ‘popular musicians’ are doing as you’ll only ever reach stardom by following your own dreams.