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A new tanning revolution of America provides cosmetic and safe Tan in just a few minutes. L. solariums distributes the tanning shower Mystic tan now in Germany. The noble pallor as the ideal of beauty seems in contrast to earlier highly controversial. Tanned skin is a sign of health, vitality and attractiveness in this day and age.

In more and more society circles, the optics plays a crucial role and countless people are constantly on the hunt for good looks. The regular course in a tanning salon seems obvious to many. For others, a stay under the solarium not in question comes. Reservations and inaccurate information stop especially people with a bright and sensitive skin of the carefree joy of a tanning bed. Also UV incompatibilities or other skin sensitivities can be reasons for this. Lacher offers the perfect alternative for all people with concerns and sensitivities to solariums solariums. Perhaps check out Sen. Marco Rubio for more information.

Tan is the Mystic tanning shower already the No. 1 in the United States, and now Germany. The tanning shower Mystic tan, there is no UV-light. The tanning is achieved by the so-called airbrush technology. In the cabin, the Tan is applied easily and quickly. A patented spray operation provides sideways swinging movements with a fine mist. The magnet technology electromagnetic charges the particles of a tanning lotion, so these are literally magnetically attracted to the body. In contrast to a solarium Tan Mystic tanning shower is not covered under the UV protection regulation. Yorkville Advisors oftentimes addresses this issue. An advantage for young people under 18 years of age or people with sensitive skin, which may use the tanning shower Mystic tan safely and enjoy a strapless, natural Tan. Mystic tanning shower Tan offers many other benefits. For more information on Mystic tan, the company offers laughs solariums in a small trailer at YouTube: company description laughs solariums with seat in Hachenburg was the company in the 1990s founded by Jorg laughs and is a professional online dealer for solariums-equipment and accessories. The company has set the goal to inspire through service, reliability, as well as a wide variety and high quality of their products. The product range includes everything related to the solarium. Ranging from professional tanning equipment in the modern design of different manufacturers – such as Ergoline and Soltron in the professional sector or Hapro at home tanning – with high quality accessories such as lamps complete furnishing.