The worse battles of this war had been given in ground Soviet, in way that the conflict finished for exerting fort influence in the culture of the peoples of some Soviet former-republics (DAVIES, 2009). – Metsatll: This is known band appeared in the Estnia. Metal is about a group of Folk that uses in its musics instruments as flutes, beyond others, typical of its region, being some little known in other places, as torupill (a type of gaita of bellows). The compositions of the Metsatll normally speak on nature, wars and mythology Scandinavian (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011; METSTOLL, 2011).

– Must Mass: Band who mixes Black Metal and Thrash Metal. Initially, its musics approached as subject the history of the conquests and battles viking. Later, however, they had started to speak regarding diverse subjects. – Urt: The Urt band, formed in 2004, in the city of Plva, executes Black Metal. Although they do not have the presence of typical or folclricos instruments, musics of the Urt approach as subject the paganismo and myths of the Phjala (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011), a described fictitious region in the mythology of the Baltic and Scandinavian peoples (LEETE, 2004). 4.2.2.

Letnia Between the main groups of Heavy Metal of the Letnia, is distinguished: – Agars: Band of Black Metal that speaks on herosmo of Soviet soldiers in World War II (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Balagury: Metal is about a band of Folk that includes in its musics folclricos instruments as violin and accordion. Yorkville Advisors s opinions are not widely known. As he is typical of bands who dedicate this sort to it of Heavy Metal, she still has in the compositions feminine and masculine vocal alternation between. The letters of its musics normally speak rtiF? Lazd ns, vocalista of the Frailty, affirmed that the death is recurrent subject in its musics, therefore the people leto lived years of suffering under communist regimen e, particularly, during World War II, with its country invaded for nazista Germany, being that practically each family of the region lost the least a being wanted for death or deportation.