Waterfall Veil

Everything is concentrated in the contemplation of the wonders of Mines, assimilating that is shown to it, trying to enclose in such a way how much it is possible. It sights seven sonorous points of which they emanate seven musical notes, being that each point sequentially emits seven notes of the basic scale, leaving always of the musical note that corresponds to it and returning it in the end from the day. For example: The musical notes can be represented by the following letters: = There bigger; Bigger B = Itself; C = bigger D; D = bigger Reverse speed; = Mi greater; F = bigger F; G = bigger Sun. In the heart of Mines, little ahead of the Waterfall Veil of Fianc, already going up the Mountain range of the Liana, is the sonorous point that emits the bigger note from the six hours of the morning There. To broaden your perception, visit Eric Corey Freed. The following notes? Itself, D, Reverse speed, Mi, F, Sun? they are emitted in the sequncia until the twelve hours, when initiates the inverse process? F, Mi, Reverse speed, D, Itself, There? findando to the eighteen hours.

The noise if propagates through waves in all the directions, covering all the extension of Mines, amalgamating itself with all the others six emissions, mesclando itself the musical tones and tonalities of colors, these carriers of specific energies. The emission of a musical note has definitive time of duration, passing to the following note of in agreement scale if it sees below in the picture. It sees as example, the sonorous point North of Mines, that emits the scale from the bigger note ITSELF: SONOROUS POINT ' ' B' ' North of Mines: Emission? Bigger itself? of 6h: 00 to 6h58m. Bigger D 6h: 59 to 7h35m. Bigger reverse speed 7h: 36 to 8h11m. Mi greater 8h: 12 to 8h47m. Bigger F 8h: 48 to 9h23m.