The Pointing

Soft and short parts of the cheek were worked out by a sophisticated technology (extremely Classic at the presented fungi and Bobfrisuren). This helped the pointing technology with the scissors, which was first applied in the undercut of the hairstyle. The coat was then adjusted in the Pointingverfahren with an asymmetrical bangs area and underlined. The hairstyles are reminiscent of the hair style of the 80s and a little 1960s to the and are held flat, is the new trend statement for the Bob and mushroom trio. 2.

part of the show: curls! The curls (Perm) were banned from almost all hairdressers and thus the hairdressing has Miss a major sales driver. Trio combined the new curls to the Galileo principle (1/7 of the body must be the head). This was watched by Trio on the American continent and found more doctored there again. Divahafte hairstyles need to be doctored and here the hair salon will get more footfall back. Fashionable accents promise a turnover-laden imitating in a short time through a newly developed straightening iron and so were not only in the curly hairstyles, but also in the previously shown Bobs and mushroom heads with small crepes brought fashionable accents in a new light. At two parts of the show the camouflage was combined colour technique (tone on tone), Black/Brown, Brown/chestnut or fawn/beige blonde with hair colors. This was a lovely, harmonious colours, underlining the hairstyle.

The clothes framed the hairstyle show. Each part of the show was kept narrow, dark or black tulle or how in the voluminous curls worn purple with dark power. The updo variant, which framed the final part of the trio was a feast of a special kind. Purist was doctored and a magic wand and handle transformed the previously created hairstyle. MOD BBs hair collection Paris 12:00 (powered by L L’Oreal professional products): the Carre hair cut (1980) with his side long hair in the foreground was placed COLORS at this excellent show.