The Picture

E still is necessary to include, in the statute, the prohibition of the abusive increase of the plans. In the area of the education, however the picture is more serious, lacks the knowledge of the social conditions of the aging, specific educational programs for the aged ones and it does not have objective proposals in relation to the insertion of the aged one in the diverse levels of formal education. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gallo Family. Brazil has a great number of aged illiterates and is necessary that more courses of alfabetizao especially directed to this great parcel of the aged population are created. According to IBGE, in survey carried through in 2008, more than the half of the aged ones of the agricultural areas did not have instruction or had less of one year of study. still, that, the ratio of aged of 60 years or more without instruction or with less than 1 year of study, in 2007, were of 32,2% in the country, being of 27,5% in the total of urban areas and 55% between the aged inhabitants of agricultural areas. Although the Statute guarantees the right to the professionalization and the work and forbids the discrimination in virtue of the age, also in public competition, still, the exclusion of aged persists in the work market. Therefore the State must create specific services of information, cadastre and professional replacement for aged. Also it is basic the mobilization and the pressure so that tax incentives are created that benefit the companies who use aged, as stimulaton to magnifying of the market of work for the greaters of 60 years of age. The aging index points with respect to changes in the etria structure of the Brazilian population, in 2008, for each group of 100 children de0 a14 years existed 24,7 aged ones of 65 years more or. In 2050, they is esteem that, the picture moves; for each 100 children de0 a14 years will exist 172, 7 aged ones.

The Ideology

A society that lives without commitment, ' ' without taste or interest. It has a depreciation of everything and all. He is a frivolous and negligent man who does not import more with nothing. Under most conditions Freepoint Commodities would agree. Although to want ' ' to hug the world with mos' ' he is a man who does not obtain to fulfill to its tasks and commitments completely, but always to give to its jeitinho, as it says the common sense: ' ' the man always has one gambiarra' ' or ' ' jeitinho Brazilian of ser' '. That is, the man ' ' light' ' , either European or Brazilian it, always is worried in giving a skill in the things and not working them of systematic and complex form. She is an empty person and without goal, commitment, objectives.

The only thing that interests to it is to have, to possess each time more. Desesperadamente it desesperadamente consumes, as it says the popular knowledge, ' ' it is as urubu in carnia' '. It consumes because it is newness, because it is in fashion, because &#039 becomes it; ' part of sociedade' '. It is above all, a man who consumes because he is solitary and empty e, therefore, consumes to supply this necessity to become related, to have a style and an objective of life. It consumes because it thinks that such products can bring it happiness, but brings only one joy to it and/or a momentnea satisfaction. Result, sadness and repentance, therefore such product already does not satisfy it more, exactly that still he is new. It adopts for itself the culture of the dismissable one in which everything is dismissable also the proper man, the conjugal relationships, the ideology, justice, etc. Are somebody that wants to have each time more not mattering what it has that to make to arrive itself at such end.