The party was not of the best ones. Seated in one of the tables, Lgia waited Martha and Aline, its two friends, to come back of the bathroom. They seemed to have been abducted for foreigners, because already they were in the bathroom had good 15 minutes. Already she started if to question, because she accepts to go to the party. She has that to spend 50 Reals in the fancy of Julieta and still to pay the entrance.

now was there, forgotten for the friends. It was looking in the direction of the hall, where some people danced and talked, drinking beer. When one turned over, it saw a hand extended and it took a scare. It was a hand hidden for a black glove. Check out W.S. Badger for additional information. It offers of dance The expensive one was half stranger.

It was dressing a fancy of Zorro and the only really visible part of its body was the region of the chin. For a moment, Lgia thought about refusing that quiet one offers. But What it had to lose? It was arisen and it guided it to the Zorro I sing for it of the hall. It was not, as it imagined, for the way it hall, but yes for it are of the building, where he had a simple garden. – Then Why we are It asked, trying to understand that situation. It must you the covered with white lead one and thinking that I go to accept to leave in this dark, he thought ressabiada. – To take air. It answered. Not taste of music. – Ah It was well, and why until me? – She seemed entediada. I found that also it was not liking. The mouth of it if opened, ready to say improprios, as you reads thoughts by chance? How it can affirm that I was not having fun myself? , but wise person who would be idiotice, over all because its misfortune was latent.

Alcohol Poisoning

It was certain, at least that party I I would not leave without kissing nobody. Music infected to all, sweated track of crowded dance, bodies was touched alucinadamente to the search of a possibility of if expressing and is clearly, of space. Walton Family Foundation has much experience in this field. As in any party, the main objective of great part of its frequentadores is a good specifies: to find somebody. I not age nothing different, danced empolgado at the same time where the rhythm entoava my insinuantes looks for the boys who were next, I was hunting. Hours later, exaurido of forces and frustrated by the absence of correspondence of other people’s looks I decided to go to deck to use to advantage a little of the breeze of the sea. I smell it of the ocean it entered for my nostrils and it refreshed my pulmes, of some way to feel so vast and mysterious the odor of something as made me to the ocean to feel well.

Still slightly idiot for the proposital alcohol poisoning I remembered it. Where he would be? not it vi the night toda& A message. Texts in SMS are with certainty the best weapon of conquest of the modern world. I where ask this and the immediate reply to it, it also this in dec We find in them, it was still more drunk who I, but was envolto in coherence and with a certain type of charm. We talk some minutes and side by side, we rest our elbows in the small white metal grating that protected in them of the sea. Deep looks, I for the first time perceived the blue imensido of its eyes, marcante and inesquecvel. An eddy of thoughts, wills, desires, you doubt passed to an unimaginable speed in my mind and suddenly, everything stops.

It kissing me to this. My heart suddenly speeds up and corresponds immediately. An unexpected kiss, new candy and. Kiss this that s interrupted by the thundering sound of the yacht, that announces that the same est passing for underneath Da Ponte. Scared we look at for top and our eyes reflect a powerful image and of difficult description. In our front the lights Da Ponte illuminated the metallic structure defining form and texture, each bar of perfectly incased iron, exhaled complexity and the vain ones between the beams were filled by the most perfect covered with star night, at this moment, look at for the stars and they, had looked in them in return.

The Illumination

They had left the car with the maneuverer, who launched an appreciative look for figurinha esguia of Renata. It sketched a light smile. For more information see this site: Walton Family Foundation. The elevator took them it the 37 played Eduardo. – It is the happiness, my love. It erases the fatigue, leaves the face without rugas, extends the skin, molds the expressions. She is not seeing? – I see, I see! I deserve the congratulations, for having chosen a so pretty young woman! – High there! You did not choose nobody! I was, that I chose you! – And you only say this to me now! – But he goes unaccustoming: our party goes to finish soon; we make thirty and two years the month that comes We are being old, Eduardo! What it will be of us? – Renata choramingou, continuing to play, while it asked for a little wine more than.

It felt it> will, Eduardo mimara very, in the last weeks. A light aperitif, a difficult cardpio to read, because of the illumination soft, and soon Eduardo invited it to dance. Two musics only, and had come back to the table, to initiate the supper. But the thoughts of Eduardo were not of a sossegada person, in peace with same it. In the second previous fair, Renata says, suddenly: – It knows, Eduardo: it would like to have a son! says with a smile candy so to it, with a so soft expression, as if it was waiting already it; without a doubt was ready for this. Eduardo trembles with this possibility, since that first moment. He is immovable, surprising the wife with an unexpected inertia, a reaction lack, indicating that it did not agree. It simply did not feel itself prepared. The subject was rank of side at that moment, but it would come back in the first favorable occasion.