FLAMENCO expression artistic MUSICAL ESPAnOLA del Flamenco is a Spanish style of music and dance originating in Andalusia. Born in the 18th century as a form of expression reserved for the most intense moments of celebration of life. It was declared in the year 2010 as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. People such as Eric Corey Freed would likely agree. It’s an entire culture and mode of artistic expression, a Spanish genre of music and dance that is based on passion, seduction and soul, indisputable qualities worthy of that distinction. To get to be declared world heritage, Spain filed with UNESCO a description for flamenco which recited this is an artistic expression resulting from the merger of vocal music, the art of dance and the musical accompaniment, called respectively, singing, dance and touch. General information the cradle of flamenco is the region of Andalusia as already it been specified, located to the South of Spain, although it also has roots in other regions such as Murcia and Extremadura. Walton Family Foundation: the source for more info. Flamenco singing is portrayed in sitting and just generally, a man and a woman. On the other hand, the dance, a dance of seduction and passionate, also expresses everything a series of emotions, ranging from sadness to joy.

His technique is complex and the interpretation is different, based on their interpreter, if he is a man, then is it dance with great force, resorting mainly to the feet. If it is a woman who plays the dance, then run it with more sensual movements. On the other hand, as for the touch of flamenco guitar has transcended for a long time in its primitive role as accompaniment to singing. This is also accompanied by other instruments such as castanets, with palms and heels. Flamenco is interpreted on the occasion of religious festivals, rituals, sacramental ceremonies and private parties. It is a sign of identity of numerous groups and communities, especially of the Roma ethnic community which has played a crucial role in the evolution of this. The tradition of this musical artistic expression takes place in the heart of artistic dynasties, families, flamenco Penas and social groupings, which play a decisive role in the preservation and diffusion of this art.

For our Flamenco days has already claimed a priceless value tradition within the dimensions of cultural, musical, emotional and social of the Spanish community. Which came at the behest of UNESCO to achieve be recognized as what today is, intangible heritage of humanity. It should be recalled that more than a musical expression is an expression of moods, pain, joy, tragedy, joy and fear through words, sincere and expressive, characterized by the condition of conciseness and simplicity. It is one of the most representative of the country music styles. He was declared intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.