The Listening

Many times we hear but do not listen. The first step to living a full life and establish real connections with others is to learn to listen to ourselves, and from there to listen to others and our environment. Many times we would have liked to have a few eyelids in the ears to be able to isolate us from our around, especially in the unstoppable noise of a big city like Madrid. However, and despite the fact that we can not hear, us is not so easy to listen to. Listen to in a broad sense: to listen to the other, listen to me, listen to the silence.

Listening is an active process, although we do not have to do anything. It requires our attention and requires being able to set aside that is going around in our mind. And that’s not easy. Because our mind is continuously processing information, inferring what will happen in the future from what happened in the past. The first step to listen to us then is listening to our own internal noise. The mind is a monkey tied to a stick, going from here to past without stopping, said zen Buddhism master Taisen Deshimaru.

Try try to write everything that goes through your head and you’ll see the difficulty that follow a linear and consistent thread. The mind is a very useful tool that can also enslave us and which we use to avoid contact with a not always pleasant reality. Many times, rather than being in the present with full contact, we are in a continuous state of self-hypnosis. We rejoice in positive thoughts and are happy or conversely enter into a spiral of negative thoughts and we put ourselves in a bad mood. Everything is the result of our thoughts. What happens if we leave space for silence? It happens that a new much more rewarding perception that allows us to feel at peace opens. Internal listening involves paying attention to the chain of thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations that we feel in the present moment, without judging us themselves (because from there would continue the mental spiral) and accepting any feeling, even if it is painful. In any case We can come to listen to our physiological variables, such as heart rate, and even get to listen to the frequency that we are emitting, because as living beings irradiamos frequencies to the outside. Once we are in contact with our own internal listening, we are the best provision for external listening. The external listener is also inner listening, because it implies resonance. If we hear a piece of music, we resonate with it, we allow that you vibrate within us. If we listen to another person, without judging it, equally we resonate with it, promoting empathy and understanding. Also hear the effect of its communication in our being. Gives us some discomfort or simply feel empathy? In this way we will begin the path of honesty and understanding in relations. Choose a few minutes a day to do this and you will see how it changes your life and ability to enjoy the present moment. *


Little would also advance to take knowledge of the curses of my vice, therefore, already it lived in the fancy of the success and of the new to be it will transform that me, was the maximum! My career of smoker was long. I smoked the first cigarette to the thirteen years, still in sporadical character during two years for religious questions and to the fifteen years, I caught firm and I made career. They had been long thirty and five years of tobaccoism! Next to the eighteen years, due to practical of sports, I made my first attempt to stop to smoke and failed. I did not understand very well what it had happened, but also, still he was very attractive to be part of this select group of people who smoked. I took the life ahead. Years later, when already it had forgotten the last attempt failed to stop, already to the twenty and five years approximately, when also already it was said of the possibilities to contract illnesses, mainly the cancer for the habit to smoke, I made a new attempt. This time I convinced a friend that together we could win this fight. They had been three long days of my abstinence.

I was in the biggest joy in catching smoking it hidden, therefore, it had a reason just to breach our treatment. I came back to the vice. Of this time it was different, replenished the load of nicotine in the body, started pain in the conscience and a great doubt: it will be that I do not obtain to stop? It will be that I am vitiated? It was this that my parents had tried to alert to me and not I gave ear! I only took the life ahead, that now with a hurt of the defeat and an enormous feeling of guilt.


' She is necessary to love the people as if it did not have tomorrow, because if you to stop pra thinking about the truth do not have ' ' Beginning our dialogue with this phrase that says of what it makes look like, does not teach in them much more of what any school. Words as this, perceived in its colored form, or simply as a limpid and inconfundvel frequency, that makes in them to feel what he was asleep inside of us. Ironically we are pegos of surprise hearing musics with letters that ask for to love those that attacks in them and many times obtain hurting in them. Coincidence? I think that not. This agreement is part of our evolution, all we pass and will go to pass for unimaginable situations and that our mind fits and our heart to decide which way will be most sensible inside to fundirmos of us this event.

We have that to stop to give more attention to the details, them really they make the difference, either it in which universe will be. Perhaps when a friend speaks (Ei, we go to talk one hour of these), it needs somebody very to relieve, and we finish postponing for not giving attention, to these details. Perhaps a simple ones to look at already speaks more than a thousand words one hugs the time does not walk pra backwards and we do not know if still we will be with the opened eyes to see the sun to be born of varanda, to see the birds subtle if to accomodate between the trees really is necessary to love the people, the life each one in its way, but she is necessary because if you to stop pra thinking. it goes to understand the message and the objective of everything this, its existence The details really make the difference in this our hostile universe in the lack dialogue. in the lack respect in the lack love Item that would have to be the basic one of the convivncia between beings of the same species. One more time obliged for leaving that I inside entered a little of its interior if and what I said it had the least a little of absorption in its mind already was valid the penalty our reflection. Abraos. Maicon Moso email for contact: Blog: