Time Moment

We mark the time relating to us, however to the past, however to the future? its duration can englobar all an age, or last the space of as. The time can be divided in seconds, minutes, hours and days. These if transform into months and years. In the reality, however, the time is what we are living in this exactly instant. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Alton Steel by clicking through. At this moment, I want to ask to it: ' ' What you are making of its 86,400 seconds, that is, of its 1,440 minutes of its complete day 24-hour? ' ' We must think two times before ahead complaining about them of God of whom not we have enough time for searchs-Lo in conjunct. Although let us can measure the time, we do not obtain to store it. You can capture a moment by means of a photograph destined to a memory album; ' ' marcar' ' the time for the rhythm of a music, or to save it, in case that outside let us not play it due to an agenda. However it is impossible to arrest it in a closed compartment, in order to appeal it later.

Let us keep this truth in our heart: ' ' The moment that passes finishes forever; never we will be able recuper-lo' '. Loved brother, we can plan the future and keep souvenirs of the past; however, ' ' agora' ' he is only ' ' tempo' ' that we possess. Therefore, what we make in the space of time of the gift is of basic importance. Let us make one ' ' good organizao' ' of our time, despite, for this, let us have to use an agenda and in them to submit it. It said somebody: ' ' Time is limited duration, succession of seconds, minutes, hours, days, years and centuries. ' ' Thus being, the time valley for the intensity with that we live our days and for the wisdom with that we use to advantage.