Art Music

4 – Do not listen to sad music, happy music preferable already animated. Rabbi Nachman said that to experience the joy we should: 1-bound, Rejoice with two things in the world – recalling the good points. Positive things about us. 3 – Finger. Smile, put a happy face, with time vuelvea genuine. Cheer up others.

Smile at people. 4-doing something stupid. Laa joke, right time, can be a lifesaver. More information is housed here: Steven Holl. 5 – Songs, music and dance. Clarify the mentee and makes us happy. Rab.

Nachman says that is a good habit inspired by a melody, which can awaken our hearts and lift our spirits. The divine soul has three garments through which manifests itself physically, these are thoughts, words and action, these instruments must divert the thoughts and words to the opposite of anxiety and sadness. (Tania 14-17-19 – 25-44) The Gemara (beracha 60) also indicates that man has control over being afraid or not be. Staying active and positive, has a similar power of music. Our personalities are like instruments and the quality of our lives depends on how we make them sound. The Art of Living is to seek our good points (in an objective non-narcissistically), one after another, making life a melody. Develop a positive vision life in general. Nothing is more destructive to personal crecimientoa both physical and spiritual negativity and depression. Genuine growth is a long, slow process with many ups and downs. It's much harder to change than remain the same. It is more difficult to try the excellence to be content with mediocrity.