Stylish Interior Design

Fusion has been firmly entrenched in our lives – nightclubs offering a party with music, restaurants are increasingly included in the menu fusion cuisine. Naturally, and interior designers could not ignore the new trend. What is fusion in the interior? In English the word means "fusion". Eclectic combination of incompatible, "the artistic mess" – this means and fusion style. The key role that fusion to become one the most popular areas of design, played the processes of globalization.

World culture is increasingly confused and penetrate one another, and the deeper becomes the process, the greater the prevalence of acquired eclectic interiors. Fusion – a style that sweeps away all the designer's stereotypes and proclaims the freedom of color and form. There is no clear canons – allowed all in all. But! Need to consider one important point. Fusion – this is not chaos, but a system which, for all different elements have a clear connection between them. The interior in this style can be likened to a good abstract painting – seems to be a wild variety, but the presence of unifying the idea of creating a sense of harmony and order.

Often we do not consciously choose fusion as style interior decoration, but rather the presence in a room of classic furniture, contemporary plasma tv and lovely Heart ethnic trinkets brought from vacation, make a mixture of styles inevitable. And that's textiles here can play a unifying role, to balance and harmonize the space. Basis of curtains in style fusion – combining different materials and textures. Therefore, no restrictions on the use of certain tissues or their combinations do not exist. Feel free to combine luxury with classic drapes hi-tech organza Japanese panels decorate lambrequins with smad, or perform a classic model of a fabric with an abstract pattern or Teflon coating. Also fully applies to the shades. Although in practice most often given preference cheerful tones. RenTec: the source for more info. Curtains in fusion – this is perhaps the most beloved artifact interior designers, as this style provides full freedom for creativity. All of the most outstanding models are made in this style. Bold and unusual combinations can create curtains that will be appropriate only in this room and only have given the owner, so to meet two of the same model in the fusion is almost impossible. The only rule that you should keep in mind, creating a textile in the style of fusion – the model should combine two – three styles are no more. On the other hand can not be called expensive fusion style interior. Importantly – a sense of proportion, and this has a loyal ally of the economy. Also competent designer could even out of cheap fabrics to create an interior textiles such quality that will look "one hundred percent." And so, the Fusion is perfect for self-expression, because it captures the personal approach to interior design, only the private taste, and not some rules, canons, installation. The merger of cultures, technologies, styles and philosophies – a unique feature of the present time. The interior in the style of world fusion is a man with broad-minded, familiar with the cultures of different countries and eras. If you decide to choose this style for your interior, it can not doubt that in the near future, he just does not lose its relevance.