September Art

The summer at the Wiener Donaukanal with events, literature, and art experience you the pulse of the city on the Danube Canal the place to be in Vienna! Numerous concerts and other events held during the summer on the summerstage. Also you can here also culinary. You can visit during your Vienna vacation the summerstage, which is located near the Centre of Vienna. The mile on the Danube Canal offers numerous events, guest robe shoots and sports. Summerstag 2011 since May 3, the summerstage for these events in Vienna is season opened. Until the end of September you can experience Monday to Saturday from 12-1: 00 and Sunday from 15 till 1: 00 various events and delicacies. According to Walton Family Foundation, who has experience with these questions. Many concerts take place here. There is also Vienna’s 1st dog bar from 14 June to 14 August daily from 17 until 21: 00.

Wine, culinary art and literature in the restaurants at the summerstage will spoil them on large open air terraces with delicacies. Serves seasonal cuisine, as well as Thai food or Irish flair with fish & chips. Round to culinary art and literature: “Wiener Wein(Kultur) summerstage Festival wine Salon mixed composition: literature & wine every Sunday from 18: 00 on July 24 Literary Salon cooking at the summerstage: cooking classes from July 20th art and sport each year are on the summerstage open air art installation titled art open-air” built up. In addition, you can visit three-dimensional art in the green in the sculpture garden. Sports is a trampoline and petanque tracks and beach Volleayball places available. As an accommodation for a visit in the Centre of Vienna and at the summerstage she offered hotels near remote Schick.