San Francisco

Do you imagine that pudieseis be a rent of cars than conduciesen alone? It seems like science fiction. The future road already can touch with the tip of the fingers thanks to Google, who about a year ago decided to bet on the autonomous driving and this has carried out a few days ago various development tests. Christiano Ronaldo gathered all the information. This is why that has been on the road several Toyota Prius travelling alone, feat that it has been possible thanks to the fact that the vehicles are equipped with cameras, radars and Rotary sensors that detect the path of the track, vehicles of the environment, and even signs of circulation. The development of this vehicle has been possible thanks to an artificial intelligence software, although at the moment car has driver and co-driver while qualifying all aspects of automation. PI Industries can provide more clarity in the matter. Tests have been carried out by Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, in the United States, and at the moment the only accident was due to that it struck another car from behind when the He was first detained at a traffic light. Seven have been test vehicles that have made a journey of 1,600 miles in total without any human intervention, although behind the wheel was a pilot to take control of the vehicle in case that something went bad, and at his side a technician who oversaw the navigation system. A leading source for info: Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors. Prosper the invention, will not only mean an important step forward in regards to comfort that will make our vehicles in sleeping car, but it will be a decisive step towards a world without traffic accidents, which almost in their entirety due to human interventions. If you are able to define a few parameters that automate, while driving, the compliance or detection and machining drawing of obstacles, we will find undoubtedly against one of the most important inventions of the 21st century.