Red Bull

The commercials are the meeting point between the advertiser and the consumer, depending on that we communicate, how we communicate and how long communicate it will make the consumer to identify or not, with a particular brand, product, philosophy wedges advertising effectiveness is proven over many years of history, where advertisers and consumers have proved to be the most benefited. (Source: Walton Family Foundation). The first to have the opportunity to publicize their products or services, the latter by being able to enjoy them. According to experts, the effectiveness of the radio spots depend on the following four factors. The more carefully you reach these steps, the greater the effectiveness of these ads. 1. Communicative recognition all brand has constants in your output on the advertising scene. For example, you can talk of colors, people from objects. Radio advertising should draw attention in spite of not able to use the above constants.

A example of radio advertising is that of Red Bull, who always uses characters with Austrian accent in its radio spots. This generates a brand recognition without using Visual factors. 2 Slogans or Slogans a slogan must say just a shocking phrase, not show the key to brand positioning in a creative way. So the slogan remains in the minds of the listeners, it must be easy to grasp but not may be because nothing, since the element of surprise is necessary in these slogans. 3. Easy vs. Difficult possibilities of storytelling on the radio are many but they must be of easy understanding, otherwise the message will not reach the ears of listeners more well it will be rejected immediately.

This could be very dangerous for the image of the company in question. 4. Music and the Visual language limitation of the image is a known disadvantage of the radio. Therefore, you should play with all the tools possible to create an image in the listener. Tools that usually help to the creation of an image are: music and sound effects (the well-known storms, applause, laughter, among others). If the sound design is striking and the message is easy to understand, the spot will be accepted by listeners in a positive way. Original author and source of the article