Private Labels

Reader, before anything put you briefly in context: I’m new in London, Spanish and until it recently, University. By my student status, my head has developed some skill to save a few cents or, if you can, even a few euros to purchases of all kinds. Tomorrow come four friends to spend the day in my house. Taking into account that they are Japanese would like to teach a tipical Spanish dish, but that Yes, without put me in mess. Something Spanish, simple, fast and inexpensive, is already Spanish Omelette (omelette)! I leave House to the cold and gray streets of London in search of a supermarket, I enter a mall assuming that inside there must be one.

And here is written in large letters Sainsburys oranges. Sainsburys is the third largest chain in supermarkets in the United Kingdom, its market share is 16 percent and has grown in 2010. As happens in Spain a few are distributed the roost (Tesco, Waitrose, Morrissons, Sinsburys and a few more). I go into the supermarket area, it intoxicates me a Christmas music so interrupted by voices that, with a musical tone, by PA remind us the time promotions. I’m beginning to go into this jungle of cluttered aisles of products which trees full of fruits of the most diverse colors. It makes me want to throw everything to the cart! I’m succumbing to the fun and eye-catching packaging of products that try to sell me something more than a good that meets a specific need. These posters, packaging and labels are trying to feel the need to purchase the product selling me a complete experience. I start to believe, ui! I’m coming to the point of being completely safe if I chew a couple of grajeas of those gumballs that are advertised in the poster of the entry I will get, in addition to a breath freso, a wild adventure in the North Pole or a few teeth in a dazzling white (continuously retouched with Photoshop).