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Why are just the amino acids for muscle building so important? No new muscle cell can be constructed without amino acids, because through their high nitrogen Mono-oxide content of the body is only able to build new muscle mass. Amino acids are especially significant in intensive training strength athletes, since they accelerate the regeneration process, stimulate the production of hormones, can improve the strength and endurance and prevent an energy deficit in a strenuous training. Itself, the body can not produce some amino acids. They are called therefore essential and must be carried out to athletes daily in sufficient quantity. Amino acid, however, is not the amino acid. The body attack BCAA capsules (consisting of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) are the most important among them. You conserve energy reserves, improve muscular strength and muscular endurance, and are very popular with the strength athletes.

They are especially quickly in the body, since they not must be metabolized by the liver, but direct can be injected into the muscle cells. In addition BCAA’s can block serotonin fatigue substance which you can train longer and more intense. Bodybuilders take amino acids directly before and after the training, the amino acid storage to fill and to promote the construction processes effectively. L-glutamine is also one of the most important amino acids. It accelerates the healing and repair processes and supports your muscles through an improved supply of nutrients.

Endurance runners the need for amino acids varies with and depends mainly on the activity of the athlete. Meat and fish products, eggs, dairy products, potatoes, and soy are important sources of protein and hence amino acids. Supplements a higher amount of amino acids can be executed to the body, which are less onerous for the digestive system, as about animal food. Therefore, athletes rely on amino acid capsules or liquid amino acids particularly like.